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Chemical Insights, UL and GSU, Launch Research Initiative on Vaping 

The joint research team from the three groups will examine the airborne particulate aerosols and volatile organic chemicals released during vaping and aim to...

Canadian Study Links Vaping With Higher Odds of Asthma

Titled, “Does Vaping Increase the Odds of Asthma?: A Canadian Community Health Survey Study,” the current study analyzed data from 17,190 people ages 12...

New Study Claims That Vaping Causes Wheezing And Shortness of Breath

Vaping individuals who don't smoke cigarettes or marijuana, were more likely to report suffering from asthma-like symptoms, than non-vapers, said the researchers. Lead study...

Prof. Polosa receives Award for anti-smoking efforts

The Professor who is Director of the Institute of Internal Medicine and Antismoking Center at the University of Catania, received this award on Saturday...