An adviser to the FDA just issued its recommendations concerning the regulation of e- cigarette.

Eric Lindblom, the advisor of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published a report entitled the “Effectively Regulating E-Cigarettes and Their
Advertising—and the First Amendment”. This document could inspire the forthcoming measures developed by the FDA on vaping products, or at least give a good overview of what could become the electronic cigarette in the US. The US agency is getting prepared  to integrate e-cigarette in his “Tobacco Control Act” , giving it all power for regulating the market.

Will all the current products soon be outlawed?

According to Eric Lindblom, all electronic cigarettes marketed from February 2007, the so-called Grandfather Date, in the US (ie all the products of this type available) will be considered illegal until they obtain af ull market approval by the FDA. This organization would be able to regulate all aspects of the electronic cigarette in the United States: the composition of products, forms of advertisements and the conditions of sale.

Eric Lindblom calls for a ban on advertising, except for letters and emails sent to those who declared themselves as smokers. The former adviser to the FDA also calls for a very restrictive framework for e-liquids, with the prohibition of aromas that can attract more young people to the vaporizers.

Furthermore, he requests a regulation to be introduced on vaporizers, with a limitation on the battery voltage. Mods, extremely popular in the US, would thus be banned from sale if the FDA follows all the recommendations made by Eric Lindblom.

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6 years ago

Well now we know what the FDA wants to do – and is doing it – and its going to take a lot of money and some help from some Senators to get anything changed. Local shops are already starting to dry up – hopefully the online sites can find a way to stay afloat! I got my last device from this site ( but I noticed new products are few and far between now.