One hundred and twenty health professionals from different specialties have answered Dr. Philippe Presles’ plea. By signing, they demonstrate their agreement with the conclusions of the Public Health England (PHE) report on the e-cigarette and request a genuine policy of smoking risk reduction in France.

Last October 2015, the French physician Philippe Presles had made a plea for his peers to mobilize in order to defend the electronic cigarette as an efficient tool in the fight against smoking.

In the actual state, French laws are about to make illegal the promotion of any vaping product and to ban the use of personal vaporizers in public places.

In the meantime, the UK recognizes the e-cigarette as the principal tool to fight against the smoking risk in their country. In contrast with the French situation, the health authorities of UK recommend an active promotion for the use of the e-cigarette among smokers by professionals. It is this difference of point of view  between the France and the UK that is pointed out by this action.

Signatories include Drs. William Lowenstein, Anne Borgne, Alain Morel (addictologists), Alain Pavie (heart surgery), Marc Espié and Alain Livartowski (oncologists) plus foreign experts, including Americans.


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