The first official medical e-cigarette was developed by the tobacco product company British American Tobacco

Physicians will soon be authorized to prescribe e-cigarettes as a support for withdrawal

It was underway after the publication of the report on the electronic cigarette by the British Health Department. The vast support of health organizations in favor of the PHE through the UK has probably benefitted to this decision that the government wanted to keep secrete, according to the Mirror.

Last night, the Department of Health confirmed its position on the electronic cigarette and announced that one model had been licensed for medicinal use, reports the Express. In other terms, General Physicians will be allowed to prescribe such vaporizer alongside other nicotine replacement therapies like Patches and Lozenges. This measure diversifies the arsenal available to the health professionals in order too more efficiently fight against smoking.

The PHE stated the estimate that if every British smoker could switch to vaping, about 75,000 prematured death could be avoid in the UK.

The government recognizes the potential improvement in Public Health if smokers were better accompanied to vaping with a product of good quality. Their message is clear: by licensing some products, they guarantee that their “safety, quality and effectiveness are independently assured”, said the spokesman.

“We welcome the arrival of licensed products that can be prescribed alongside existing nicotine replacement therapies.”

The amount of the help provided by NHS for smokers would cover the purchase of a kit (about £20) and of medical grade nicotine replacement fluids of £10 per week. According to the health campaigners, the cost is justified by long-term savings on smoking related expenses.


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