In North Carolina, the e- liquid bottles must be equipped with child safety

In North Carolina, the e-liquid bottles must be equipped with a child resistant closure and bear warnings

North Carolina has anticipated forthcoming legislation and has been requiring since last November from electronic cigarette manufacturers to equip e-liquid bottles with child safety, namely the Child Resistant Closure (CRC). Warnings on the packaging will also need to be included. Manufacturers that do not comply with this measure will be fined.

In 2013, the Parliament had already decided in this state to ban the sales of vaping products to young people under 18 years. Online sales remained permitted provided that an age verification procedure is implemented. At least, 24 American states have already established rules in that direction. The bill on packaging is supported by Senator Stan Bingham, who considers that too many vapers do not know the potential hazards of electronic liquids.

A report published in 2014 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) was alarming on the increasing amount of poisonings by the electronic cigarette products among children. A number that would be greatly relativized compared to other types of more common accidents cited by the CDCP drafters. A group of seven Democrats had expressed their concerns to the Senate, following the publication of this report.

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