Colin Robertson who organized the last events in Glasgow, accessible to whoever is interested in electronic cigarettes, from the beginner to the enthusiast regular user, advertises the reiteration of his initiative next month, on February 21, 2016.

To try the product, discuss with professionals and share good time

The focus of this third session, he says, will be the implications of the forthcoming transposition of the EU TPD that is not fully understood by user AND retailers.

NNA will have a presence for the entire event to support Colin’s efforts broadly disseminating useful information with regard to the product.

Uncertainties and misunderstandings remain around vaping, which is may lead some smokers to disregard the e-cigarette as a valid smoking cessation option in spite of its demonstrated success with quitters. Colin’s initiative is acknowledgeable in the sense that he offers face-to-face discussions with professionals or anonymous ethusiasts.

The next Glasgow School of Vape will run on Sunday the 21st of February at Drury Street Bar and Kitchen, Drury Street, Glasgow, from 12:00-22:00hrs”


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