Flavor rendering close to a dripper

Youde, quite a new brand that appeared in 2011, always offered good quality products. I recall my old Igo L, one of my first drippers, but also the more popular AGA T, AGA R et Gobbelin. And I am very grateful to my dear friends of the Petit Vapoteur for having, one day, put them in my hands.

It is true that this test is a bit late but it is also true that this atomizer, too little known, deserves a special focus here. Better late than never, this atomizer convinced me to share this excellent deal that costs about 3-4 times less than a high-end atomizer but that renders flavors “almost” like a dripper.

Such great respect for flavors of your liquids is also, in my opinion, one of the spearheads of this good and discreet but devilishly effective brand.

The brand Youde remains true to itself with a dripper-like airflow system and that’s perfect.

The basic principle of this Bellus is everything but new and has two rare qualities for reconstructible sets that are an easy top filling and an easy access to the base and to the plate in case of problems.

Double coil, transformable in a single coil atomizer

That said, know that the Bellus was originally designed to be a dual coil but it can very quickly turn into single coil by adding a plastic and Teflon part that comes to obturate one of the two airflows to neutralize one of the sides.

To be honest, my GT2 and other Russian 91% are no longer aerial enough to me, even vertical coils, and I often find myself vaping on my Lemo 2 or Subtank Plus with its RBA base, or a Smok TFV4.


Here the price of 40 € makes it one of the most affordable rebuildable atomizers and a direct competitor of the Lemo 2 or other wellknown Kangertech’s. So, what can this to Bellus by Youde add to this crowded world of hybrid and rebuildable atomizers of all kinds that fall within 40/50 €?

This Bellus by Youde uses the now classic system Kayfun 3.1 as did my GT2 or Lemo 2. Two poles with screw connections and a bell which covers the coils with a chimney to drip tip. The special feature here is that the airflow does not come from the bottom but from the sides with numerous vents, like most drippers.

A stackable plate

The other feature is that the tray is not screwed but just stacked on to the tank. The bell that contains all the airflow system secures the tank by screwing with the chimney.

Made of stainless steel with a more than acceptable finish, it is difficult to criticize on this point when considering its affordable price. Bellus takes a recipe that has proven itself and I must say it clearly stands out with an exceptional rendering of flavors.

This is not a true novelty but with 2 or 3 tricks, the Bellus will offer you the essence of your favorite liquids, especially your fruity and elegant ones.

Technical features

The main features of the Bellus by Youde are: 

  • Size (with drip-tip): 45 mm
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Weight: 51 g
  • Connectors: 510 adaptable (screws)
  • Drip tip: Type 510
  • Tank capacity: 5 ml
  • Material: Stainless steel and high-quality insulation materials (Peek)
  • Tank: pyrex
  • Coil: dual coil and single coil with a supplied adapter
  • Adjustment ring of the air inlet with 16 holes on each side
  • Reservoir spare silicone seals (7)
  • Drip-tip spare silicone seals (2)
  • 2 coils
  • 1 single coil adapter
  • 3 spare screws

The Bellus: Precise assembly, top filling, and an aerial dual coil

The airflow ring is completely removable and allows relatively precise adjustment but it is pretty useless in my opinion because if the airflow is closed, the atomizer becomes noisy and the air stream seems less “natural”.

It is simply designed to be aerial. On the other hand this ring has the tendency to move easily. A big thank you to Youde for having put a reference in the form of a carved circle, which when aligned with the dot indicates the tank max opening.

When first handling the object, I have been surprised by its particularly light weight compared to its rebuildable concurrents. It will be a plus for some users.

In the box, you will find of course the usual conventional small spare parts in case of loss, but also a bag with cotton and a chamber reducer in silicone and Teflon for its conversion to single coil. The Bellus disassembles completely in 8 parts, not including airflow screws, which allows optimal servicing.

The Bellus integrates a screwed top cap in two parts for a filling up from the top, so you do not have to disassemble the base as in most rebuildable.

This system is quite convenient in the sense that you do not unscrew the atomiser from the mod, but it is also quite sneaky since it will be necessary to close the airflow at each filling to prevent part of the liquid to leak out of the airflow.

Beyond this technique, I have become accustomed to overthrow my atomizer before re-opening this airflow.

Top cap: a delicate unscrewing

Finally a slight criticism for the absence of knurling on the top cap which sometimes results in unscrewing the tank from the base rather than the top cap, leading to a complete loss of your liquid.

Be very careful and, above all, there is no need to over-tighten the top cap. The red seal is flexible and big enough to be effective without being compressed. For the rest, I also noted that the top thread would have benefited from a better finish because sometimes screwing is not immediate.

Manufacturing and connecting your coil(s): This Bellus requires to be understood and tamed to be effective and leakproof. This is not its strength point but it is acceptable!

Let’s talk and start with the positive points. This pretty little tray is accessed easily by a clip and not a screw, allowing you to quickly access to the plateau. Okay, it is certainly not a major finding except perhaps to point out that, at least, the cotton remains in the position you want. And with the Bellus, it is of importance.

I’ve seen or read elsewhere that some had encountered problems at the start. It was not my case.

I naturally installed my two coils through the holes, making sure they were not too large so as not to touch the walls. Then I installed that cotton assuring that it fill up the wide gutters.

In this regard I may suggest to moisten the cotton and to precisely set up the cotton into the gutters without stuffing it. A useful drawing is provided that precisely shows how to proceed.

In this way and by closing the airflow during the filling, I did not have any leakage or seepage. It seems that this atomizer is better with fatty liquids because the liquid supplies are wide.

This positioning is important because in the opposite case, it would leak. Think, before cutting it, that cotton shrinks when soaked with liquid. For my part I allow 2 to 3 more millimetres.

Finally, simply plug your tray on the base and the ony fact that it does not screw becomes an asset since the position of your cotton is well preserved. You must be careful to return the tray without moving too much. Accuracy is needed!

The use of this Bellus enchanted me in dual coil for the rendering of flavors.

It incorporates the essential features of a Taifun but uses a very different airflow system. This system is adjustable by a conventional ring on the base which appears fair to use, but could be improved in its handling. The complete system provides you an aerial vape.

Like the drippers, the Bellus really renders good flavors. Aerial airflow and wide ditches will weight on liquid consumption that is not its strength. But who’s complaining when it comes to fully enjoy your favorite liquid?

While I am critical of its use, I find the drip-tip is too short. Your lips will be in contact with the top cap, which is not the most hygienic, in my opinion.

The use of this atomizer is a real pleasure. It makes you vape with a high taste quality and the steam is not too hot which will allow you to best enjoy fruity liquids. I could only lament about some leakage at the beginning, but the first reason is that my cotton was poorly positioned in the channels and/or I did not pay enough attention when filling my Bellus to close the air flow during the operation. The liquid penetrated the liquid in the chimney which obviously came back to drip-tip.

For last warning, I would also advise you to check from time to time the position of the seals because their fine design can quickly make them crimped.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Good rendering of flavors, similar to that of a dripper
  • Reasonable weight
  • Easy top filling
  • Aerial airflow
  • Easy assembly of the plate (without screws)
  • Significant tank capacity
  • 510 adjustable connection pin
  • Excellent value for money for a full rebuildable atomizer
  • Youde’s excellent manufacturing quality

The “-“:

  • Drip tip too short
  • Dual coil assembly in a narrow space
  • Airflow ring without any adjustment or switchblade
  • Consumption
  • Wide supply ditches, not suitable for low-fat liquids
  • Filling requires closing the airflow to limit the impact of breaking the vacuum


Rating 4.5/5. I say it, the Bellus is excellent but I also say that a certain mastery is required on the operation of your atomizer. In particular, mastering the basic rules related to the Venturi effect that imply creating a vacuum in the atomizer when vaping as the tank is being emptied.

Once tamed, this atomizer deserves your interest and its price, fully justified, will provide you the satisfaction of a mastered purchase.

Value for money
Vape Quality
Manufacturing quality
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