This year, the debate was focussed on the opportunity to create an international organization for users to defend vapers’ interests, principally before international organizations like WHO, UN and FCTC. In November 2017, the 7th WHO’s Conference of Parties (COP7) will be held in India and should lead to an update of WHO’s official position on the personal vaporizer.

Encouraged by Clive Bates and Chris Ford, specialists of addictions, the workgroup was debating on the usefulness of such approach. The presence of international networks reinforces and gives credibility to this type of consumer movements, explained Dr Chris Ford who set up International Doctors for Healthier Drug Policies (IDHDP) to increase the international participation of medical doctors in drug policy issues.

One thing is obvious: Energy and ideas are not missing. Some participants already volunteered to support project, with the help of the GFN’s organizers.

To be followed…

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