The Vaping Post: Now in 2017, what do you retain from 2016?

Bertrand Dautzenberg: Hardware have made considerable progress. Now we have products with no leakage, we have “intelligent products” that prevent dry hits, we have more powerful products that can be used by everyone. Part of the power is useful to the vaper but another part of it dissipates in the environment, and this is one of the issues that may be discussed in a close future.

“Vaping extends the pleasure of smoking without its adverse effects” -B. Dautzenberg
But now, we have an efficient way to deliver nicotine and an increasing number of studies show the benefits of switching to vaping for smokers. Vaping extends the pleasure of smoking without its adverse effects, it also helps controlling the weight with positive effects on blood pressure. Unfortunately, every now and then, a new study comes and casts a shadow over vaping. In France, the media use the conditional tense but in the USA and in Germany, the results are thrown without further explanation. I however notice a positive move in Germany and in Greece.


The Vaping Post: What are your expectations for 2017?

Bertrand Dautzenberg: I prefer to project myself in 2020. I’m confident that by 2020, everything will be known about vaping. We already know what e-liquid contain, we know what emissions are. But we don’t know yet all about the effects and benefits over 5-10 years. Finally, regarding the “Gateway Effect” to smoking, we know that for a country like France, vaping prevents teenagers from starting smoking.