A Mini box that you will forget in your pocket

The Mini version keeps a look similar to the Cool Fire. It nevertheless abandoned the 18,650 battery for a built-in one of 1,300 mAh.This picture is quite demonstrative about two essential aspects. The first one is staring right in the face: it is a real Mini one, much smaller than its parent, the Cool Fire IV, that was, in its time, already of a very compact format. Secondly, pay attention to the wear: it is a sign that I used the Cool Fire IV very often and a proof that Innokin is now trustable for its reliability.

Innokin look to have discarded its last and excellent chipset Aethon. The one that is embarked here is less powerful. Even if it works well, it is less pleasant at use.

The Cool Fire Mini is an Ultra Mini Battery box. Handling it is not different from its precursors, it is smaller but also less performant. The eight, 120 g, is very light, even with the atomizer. The novelty is the re-appearance of a USB plug for recharging.

Mini weight, Mini size, Mini power for a maxi public

The packaging remains identical but its content has improved. Innokin proposes a complete vaping solution in combination with the SlipStream. I am somewhat reluctant to this atomizer, I largely prefer its r-predecessor, the iSub V.

The quality remains at the same level as its predecessor with a very good finish but the appearance of plastic buttons. Positioned as low-end product, it is noticeable that Innokin managed to keep certain quality standards with beautiful materials leading to a very good value for money.

For this version, Innokin used the same finish materials as with Cool Fire IV but reduced the quality of accessories. However, the 510 thread remains of good quality with its pin on spring.

Handling is puzzling because of its small size. This range is not my favorite but it is important for many users. The Fire switch is ideally located on its flat side and remains accessible despite its small size.

The setting buttons for power/temperature, located at the base of the screen, are of classical size and shape and do not jingle although they are in plastic. To address one of the last positive points, the white OLED screen displays the minimum information required to be acceptable.

The Cool Fire Mini is small, cute and complete. In summary, it has everything of a big, except the chipset.

Technical review

The main features of Innokin’s Cool Fire Mini are:

  • Rectangular plastic Fire switch + 2 plastic setting buttons
  • Variable wattage: 6 – 40 W by increments of 0.5 W
  • Variable voltage: 3 -7.5 V
  • Charge: 5 V/ 1A
  • automatic real-time PCB Chipset temperature detection
  • Coil resistance 0.2 Ω (minimum)
  • Threaded 510
  • Weight: 122 g (all included)
  • Dimensions: 62x100x38(14 for the screen side) mm with the iSub
  • Resistance value detection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Autonomy Indicator (Fire LED + Logo on display screen)
  • Built-in battery 1,300 mAh
  • 15 second cutoff
  • Memory for temperature settings and wattage
  • Function display: Ω, Voltage and/or Wattage
  • OLED screen
  • Puff counter
  • Left handed mode
  • User manual

The main features of Innokin’s tank Slipstream are:

  • Top-filling (Cubis-style),
  • Capacity: 2 ml (tank in Pyrex)
  • Diameter: 21 mm
  • 100% inox
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Spare plastic drip-tip
  • No Spill Coil Swap System

Energy and liquid vanish too fast

Small and transportable though, but at the expense of efficiency. The Cool Fire IV was fine in terms of weight and size, the Mini is too small if you are vaping all day long. Never forget to recharge it very often if you are an adept of subohm vaping, between 0.5 and 1.0 Ω those coils are very greedy in energy.

If, for beginners, weight and appearance are essential, I am not convinced that it might be the same for experimented users because experience shows that recharging too often is generally painful. A beautiful attempt but very limited in use.

If your criterion is weight and size, the Mini by Innokin does the job. In Power mode, the settings are still very accessible and easy. Here, you will not find any temperature control nor any other advanced function for geeks. It works and it remains intuitive and simple.

Left-handed mode lets you change the orientation of the screen with a long press on + and -, as indicated in the user manual.

SlipStream, the clearomizer that fits

Innoking had the good idea to place the USB plug on the spine. Often plugged, it will remain vertical with its clearomizer. The 23 mm thickness is convenient with the use of every clearomizer on the market, without forgetting that power is not its best asset. It is perfect with the SlideStream that bears the same colors as the box.

The SlipStream is using the same scheme as the Cubis, it is also sharing with the Cubis the same failures. It is a shame that the old iSub, a top filling system either, has not been chosen to be included in the pack. Inspired by Joyetech’s Cubis, the resistance coil is screwed to the top cap and the whole can be unscrewed to facilitate the filling.

There remain two issues to this type of system. Firstly, you have to be very careful with the maximum level of liquid. Here, you should never exceed the upper level of the two small windows. Secondly, during the first puffs after filling, agglutination occurs in the chimney. This disgusting issue disappears with time but with such a small capacity, you will probably be facing the issue at several occasion, each day.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Value for money
  • Size and weight very usable
  • Finishing quality of the screw thread
  • Simplified use and settings
  • Threaded 510 on spring
  • Righ/left handed mode
  • USB plug on the spine

The “-“:

  • Reduced autonomy for both e-liquid and battery
  • Fire switch and buttons in plastic
  • Display non adjustable
  • Sliptstream not convincing


Rating: 2.9/5. This Mini is appealing but very limited in use and only suitable for occasional vaping. It is a good product with an advantageous value for the money for those whose criterions are weight and compactness.

value for money
vaping quality
Manufacturing quality
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box-cool-fire-mini-slipstream-innokinThis Mini is appealing but very limited in use and only suitable for occasional vaping. It is a good product with an advantageous value for the money for those whose criterions are weight and compactness.