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Understanding the Back to Basics Workshop Philosophy

Purpose It has become rather obvious that vape shops across America need a complete makeover. At the same time, the argument made by Phil...

Innokin EQ review

With this EQ, the brand explores a more vigorous vape, on the basis of an innovation: to use in a pod different coils, the...

Box Cool Fire Mini & SlipStream – Innokin

A Mini box that you will forget in your pocket The Mini version keeps a look similar to the Cool Fire. It nevertheless abandoned the...

iTaste Kroma & SlipStream – Innokin

iTaste Kroma has all features available for this end of year 2016 with smart but particular design In 2016, Innokin revisited its offer and declined its Cool Fire...

Top 3 Ecigs to start vaping on Xmas Eve

eGo AIO by Joyetech The "+": Easy filling Design Backlit screen Light weight The "-": Resistance of 0.6 Ω: too much heat communicated to the top cap Tank...

iTaste Hunter- Innokin

The strength of a brand Innokin reasserts the strength of its brand and takes a distance with its competitors with a new graphic line. Remember...

Cool Fire IV TC-18,650 by Innokin

In July 2015, I largely approved the Cool Fire IV by Innokin, acknowledging its shape and look. The first time, Innokin corrected an autonomy issue...

Cool Fire IV TC100 & iSub V by Innokin

Cool Fire IV: An interesting box, not so popular but that offers 100 W and a robust 3300 mAh battery When released in July 2015,...

EU TPD compliance: Innokin and Nerudia, a fruitful collaboration

Nerudia, a company that helps customers bring quality products to the market and at the same time guide them through the regulatory pathways, will...