What are some of the top threats the community should be most concerned with? Check out our Top 5. Let us know your Top 5 in the Comments section.

  1. Flavor Bans (Local, State, Federal, Global Govt/Recent Oakland,CA flavor ban defeated. However, nearly 20 more flavor bans are being proposed in the U.S. )
  2. Excise/Wholesale Taxes (Proposed & Imposed – States Affected: PA, CA, MN, WV, ect. States continually targeted: OH & NY Advocates have been active to defeat it)
  3. Campaign for Tobacco FREE Kids & Tobacco 21 (living, breathing & walking contradictions – American Anti-Tobacco Groups demonizing “tobacco harm reduction”)
  4. Disproportionate Research & Misinformation (FDA, TPD, CDC & Anti-Tobacco Industry cooperate & collaborate in funding false and exaggerated data to be published)
  5. WHO Possibly Announcing a Global Vape Ban (Absurd Notion which actually led to holding closed-meetings hosted in India not too long ago with a strict “no press admitted” policy)

Dishonorable Mention: Local City Councils Installing Outdoor Vaping Bans – U.S. Municipalities (this is just so short-sighted, especially when there has been research data suggesting it is more than likely safer to inhale vapor than the air we breathe)

Please Leave a Comment Below

By all means, feel free to share your insight on this – post whatever it is you believe may be missing from this list – if you think that there are many other threats in our beloved vape industry/community that I may have overlooked, we’d appreciate your feedback so we can improve or expand on this topic. We understand there a number of threats coming from all directions, so we want to hear what others may feel are some of the other big threats. Education is the best tool in this war on truth!

Tell us if you disagree with any of the Top 5 that were listed as not being that high of a threat. Which top threats do you agree are the most threatening? Either way, if enough of our readers simply write some suggestions in the comment box, we will post a Top 10 or a Top 20, depending on the accuracy of the claims.

If all adds up appropriately, we will certainly publish a new and improved list of the Top Vape Threats. After all, we must maintain communication and build on education. Lets unite on something that continually is designed to divide us. Now go out there and use this enthusiasm to find more depressing information. Smile, vape, then breathe. Repeat.

Which is it? Top 10? Or Top 20? To be determined…its up to all of you! 


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Ofishal Tackle
Ofishal Tackle
4 years ago

Agreed on all of them. Not to mention the misappropriation and mishandling of funds generated to stop smoking not stop vaping.

Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey
4 years ago

even here in the UK it is worrying to see the attacks on e-cigarettes from abroad, though the government here is currently taking a soft approach to regulation and promoting them as a way to quit smoking there is always a chance of a change in attitude towards them when people see them being banned or regulated to extinction in other countries it is bound to fuel the fires for vape haters to put pressure on UK politicians to follow suit.