A vaper will spend an average of $60 monthly on products such as refill cartridges and e-liquids, whilst a heavy smoker could spend up to a minimum of $180 per month,
An poll conducted by online marketplace LendEDU, found that switching from smoking to vaping saves ex-smokers in the US, an average of $1,500 per year. The survey asked 1000 regular e-cigarette users to calculate how much they spend on vaping products on a monthly basis, as opposed to how much they spent before on cigarettes.

The respondents said that normally they spend a one-time $80 on the initial purchase of the device, and then $60 monthly on products such as refill cartridges and e-liquids. On the other hand, a heavy smoker who smokes a packet a day could spend up to a minimum of $180 per month, between $6 to $14 daily, depending on the taxes in the state they live in.

The high costs paid by smokers

Besides the money one pays when purchasing cigarettes, and the detrimental health effects they bring about, hence leading to more expensive trips to the pharmacy and the doctor, smoking also leads to higher life insurance policies. In the UK, smokers of up to the age of 40, will pay between 83% and 113% extra than non-smokers, on their insurance policies.

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