The VTA has been lobbying on behalf of the vape industry and all the small businesses across the country, partnering with more and more state organizations from Ohio to Alabama.

Many advocates may have already seen that VTA Director Tony Abboud has recently been posting a reminder on social media related to an opportunity for an hour long webinar event. The VTA has also been sending out email reminders to industry professionals and anyone signed up for their newsletter.

This webinar is titled: “Industry Wake Up Call! A National Conversation on FDA Action and VTA Marketing Standards” — the chosen title for this event couldn’t be any better.

The webinar will be taking place on: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM MDT

Directly on the registration form, the VTA reiterates the purpose of the webinar. Director Tony Abboud explains :

“VTA has been providing detailed guidance and leadership on the issue of proper marketing for more than one year.  Now, VTA is convening a national discussion on vapor industry marketing standards in light of this week’s FDA’s enforcement actions on improperly marketed products.”

According to the VTA, this webinar will focus on discussing these key areas:

  1.  Review FDA’s actions and the claims they are asserting.
  2.   Strategies for dealing with product removals arising from FDA enforcement actions (whether you are a retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer)
  3.  VTA Marketing Standards for Membership and what your company can do to address this core concern.

    The Vapor Technology Association clarifies, “this discussion is too important, we are not limiting it to VTA members, but are offering our thoughts to the entire industry.”

Registering for Webinar is Crucial

This webinar comes at a crucial time for industry professionals. No matter what area of the vape industry you operate in, registering for this webinar seems like a highly advantageous scenario.

Not to mention, the fact that the VTA is opening up this online event to the entire industry rather than limiting participation to only VTA members shows a true willingness to lead.

There are so many who claim to be lobbyists who are not registered or are simply overzealous advocates trying to make a name for themselves, but the VTA employ the only group of seasoned business professionals who have the experience from years of working as registered lobbyists.

The VTA collectively understands the exact amount of influence and access that is necessary to maneuver the unseen entryways and discrete exits often used to navigate the political landscape, as D.C. tends to operate in ways many of us remain unfamiliar with. Who better to host such an event with an open invitation?

If you are a vape industry professional, it appears that registering as soon as you can and participating in the VTA webinar may just be the right thing to do, perhaps the only thing to do. Especially if your brand received a warning letter from the joint operation launched by the FTC and FDA.




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