Many Vaping advocates have been pleading with the manufacturers of products with child appealing labels to rebrand their products to represent something that does not include cartoonish, colorful or any other images that stand out.

This is a huge issue the mainstream typically will not address. If anyone doesn’t understand what this is all about, feel free to ask any questions.

Attempting to explain what to do about certain eliquid labels is a highly controversial process that can be broken down into 10 steps:

  1. The argument that flavors attract children is the ONLY weapon that the anti-vape establishment ever uses
  2. The anti-vape establishment have been using the same argument for years now, so the industry should have already self-corrected
  3. Self-correcting the flavor debate seems challenging, though it could be accomplished by simply rebranding what is considered child appealing labels
  4. “Child-appealing” eliquid labels or brand logos seems somewhat vague, but it’s not. It is anything that is colorful or has any type of appealing imagery
  5. Other labels display signs of Intellectual Property Theft by using the trademarked, copyrighted logos of established business enterprises
  6. Some eliquid brand names are examples of irresponsible business practices, using offensive, unsavory and quite vulgar terminology (Drippy Dick, Virgin Pussy eJuice).
  7. Many feel that if these labels were rebranded and designed with a black and white theme or dull/bland color scheme, accompanied by virtually a non-imagery-identifiable format then this could be creating a label so unrecognizable that at first glance, even all the vapers may not be able to guess what is inside the 60 ml or 100 ml bottle.
  8. Essentially, rebranding all the inappropriate eliquid would basically allow the independent vape industry to regain control of the narrative driving this war on vapor.
  9. Reclaiming the voice of authority in our own industry is crucial. If you cannot remain as the “voice of reason” for your own industry standards, then winning will never be a viable option.
  10. A big bottle with a cartoon character, bright colors and images of fruit or candy becomes too flashy of an eye-catching product that is supposed to be for adults. In most cases, now in many states or in particular municipalities, available only for ages 21 and over.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Rebranding Seems the Only Effective Option

This situation is not enjoyable to have to breakdown like this. No One Wants to have to keep reminding each other of these things those who are supposed to do whatever is best for the Industry. There needs to be some sort of compromise — assimilation, adaptability and rebranding are all apart of good business sense

A swift, smooth and peaceful rebrand process of all these labels would assist with predicting human social behaviors and ultimately shaping their reactions for any potential future circumstances — setting the stage, creating the moment, controlling the drama level by generating what the common scenery would be for passerby consumers.

Honestly, do a quick web search for the statement, “Rebranding is Smart Marketing” and you will likely discover that this is not just some random phrase,  but indeed the title to a number of reputable blog pages and most importantly a widely recommended contemporary business practice being utilized more and more nowadays.


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