Vapor products have been proven to be a 95-99% less riskier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and a huge part of the success is based on the option to choose from a selection of flavors. Flavors are an extremely significant component to the effectiveness of vaping.

However, the US vaping community is divided by a controversial issue involving the labels, logos and any other visually attractive or eye-catching content on the type of packaging used for marketing many of the flavored eliquids offered by their Manufacturers.

Altogether, not only is there a major concern within the Industry, but outside of the industry there is an additional threat. For countless members of the vape community, this concept of inappropriate packaging is by no means breaking news — the concern about the labels has been highly controversial for several years.

Active Vape Advocates, especially hardcore grassroots movements, like the Vaping Legion has been pleading with any and every manufacturer of vape juices to rebrand their products for the sake of remaining in the good graces of federal regulators, as compliance has become synonymous with saving the industry.

Powerful government entities have been raising the issue and threatening enforcement action on brands with child appealing labels or other packaging considered to be violating Intellectual Property rights.

Yet, for some,odd reason, a number of larger manufacturers who are likely affiliated with the labels under suspicion keep arguing points that are in no way favorable to the preservation of the vape industry.

For instance, across social media platforms. Top manufacturers will accuse advocates of being busy-bodies who over analyze every detail and blame the unpaid advocacy leaders of trying to attack community members. A popular phrase to share is, “stop putting every little thing in the industry under a microscope!”

Really? That’s how you’re going to justify your stance?

It’s not advocates who are putting every little thing under a microscope, it’s the federal government! Advocates are merely relaying their message back to you in order to serve as a helpful middle man, allowing you to stay in business.

Common Complaints

Even in several of my articles addressing this labeling conflict, some readers have left nonsensical comments about how I needed to stop bringing up such issues or to leave these businesses alone.

One individual even went so far to say that I should stop trying to create more issues and refrain from stirring up drama for no reason. Being accused of addressing these legitimate concerns just because I wanted to find clickbait topics to write stories about.

Right. Such a silly little greedy writer making money off the misery of million dollar vape juice enterprises by suggesting to support vape advocacy. Nothing could be more comical or inaccurate. In these articles, I only wish to perhaps share the advocacy narrative from a different platform, offering an additional perspective to consider.

But why? Because I quit smoking by vaping the same great flavors these manufacturers create and even quit dipping chewing tobacco as well — so I am one who would certainly prefer to continue using these manufacturers flavorful products. Thus, many vapers would like to see this industry survive.

However, this industry is not going to be around much longer if the business owners do not trust the people who travel to political stronghold regions around America, on their own dime, simply to plead with government officials to consider sensible regulatory reform.

In no way do I seek out overly dramatic topics to write about. As a matter of fact, these topics are rather frustrating to always have to return to repeatedly. Although, it is absolutely necessary that we advocate for rebranding labels since this is the basis of the regulators chief complaint — which is at the core of all the other primary reasons being used to attack vape businesses.

Vape Juice with branding labels the federal authorities have considered to be noncompliant are not doing anyone any favors and only —  Hurting the chance to potential he save your flavors.

Brands with labels considered to be noncompliant have become the centerpiece and often times the visual aid for the anti-vapor establishment to hold up in the air, exposing the colorful cartoonish child appealing content to nervous suburban American parents.

They use your products as tools to prove their point as a valid argument to seriously consider and instill fear into ordinary American citizens. Do you really want them to use your products as visual aids when arguing their misinformation campaign?

Of course this opposing narrative that demonizes vapor products is without a doubt a collection of  inappropriate arguments which are fabricated, manipulative, exaggerated and then swiftly introduced and increasingly perpetuated throughout state legislatures and local municipalities with the FDA leading this attack at the federal level.

Furthermore, the relentless opposition to the vape culture, only uses one particular argumentative point to preach their gospel — that these products are deliberately accompanied by designs constructed for the purpose of target marketing to youth. the eLiquid products with labels that fail to follow the  potentially irresponsible and questionable labels for visual aid purposes to prove their perspective as evidence to these flavors considered as being a strategy to market to children




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