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Executive Order on Teen Vaping Signed by Colorado Governor


“The percentage of kids vaping is not a list we want to be at the top of, but we are,” says Governor Hickenlooper while speaking at the Children’s Hospital Colorado

Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado has recently signed an executive order to reportedly fight back on the alleged “teen vaping epidemic.” Clearly, the concept of the life saving technology of using vapor products actually becoming an “epidemic” is a false and imaginary tale.

Regardless, to ensure there are no under-18 sales occurring, this executive order doubles the number of compliance checks on businesses that sell vape products. The executive order also requires the Colorado Department of Public Health to issue a health advisory on vaping products.

Not to mention, the executive order bans vaping in state buildings — simply due to the fact that some adult-aged general assembly members have been using these products indoors. The order also “directs a study on vaping and risky behavior.”

Governor Hickenlooper’s executive order “proposes” a recommendation to raise the “vaping age from 18 to 21” while also suggesting Internet vendors to carry out age verification processes.

Last but not least, the Governor’s executive order recommends for there to be a statewide ban on all flavored tobacco products.

Colorado Leads America in Teen Vaping Rates

Colorado is now known to be the state with the highest rate of teens using vapor products in the United States. Yet, these figures are likely based on some very rushed and flawed data gathering.

Governor Hickenlooper literally suggested the primary reason for Colorado becoming the number one state in the country with the highest rate of teenagers experimenting with vapor products is due to the many modern transplanted families. This is a peculiar rationale and highly doubtful claim.

Regardless, Hickenlooper does say in a press conference that “fact that over the years there have been many new different people from all over the country moving into the state of Colorado in which many of these families like to be on the cutting edge of new trends.”

That seems like a compliment to the residents of Colorado while simultaneously being an insult to the vaping community and a lazy excuse from the Governor.

First off, vaping is clearly not a trend. Vaping is a harm reduction method and a lifestyle. Vaping is now a cultural extension of modern society and has become, by far, the biggest opportunity for a public health intervention.

Secondly, the Governor’s interpretation is very odd. What exactly is he referring to? Is he suddenly anti-state-to-state migration? Enter: Detect sarcasm.

Either way, there are more obvious reasons as to why the state of Colorado may be leading the country in teen vaping rates — which will be further examined and explained in a separate article.

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