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Obvious Reasons for High Teen Vaping Rates in Colorado


In a recent article, we explained how the Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper (D) recently signed an executive order “aimed at curbing teen vaping rates.” Colorado has been labeled as the leading state in America for high teen vaping rates.

Anyone who is a serious and accomplished social scientist will tell you that survey research, especially with younger subjects, is very much the most invalid form of research there is.

Regardless, this is the data being used to assess the situation at the moment. Perhaps there needs to be more valid and accurate forms of data collection to interpret.

Nevertheless, based on the current survey research findings, a 2017 Healthy Kids Colorado survey found about 40% of Colorado high school students have tried vapor products and about 27% say they’ve done it in the past 30 days.

The Effects of the Cannabis Industry

It is no coincidence that the first state with a fully functional cannabis industry tends to also have the highest rates of teenagagers vaping.

Therefore, as a resident of Colorado, it becomes an obvious reason that this is likely related to the fact that Governor Hickenlooper also signed the legalization of recreational marijuana into law, making Colorado the first state in America to entirely legalize the use and sale of cannabis.

Obviously, cannabis has become a modern emerging industry in which vapor products have become a preferable method for administering this substance.

Believe it or not, vaping marijuana products is hugely popular and only becoming more and more sought after. Does the Cannabis Industry not support reduced risk tobacco products? Could this be a factor in attacking the tobacco harm reduction vapor industry? Hopefully not.

Since Hickenlooper played a major role for decriminalizing cannabis, it is doubtful that he wants to equate the two scenarios of teens using nicotine based vapor products and the legalization of marijuana.

Yet, these two scenarios likely go hand-in-hand because the excuse Hickenlooper gave about transplanted “families wanting to be on the cutting edge of trends” is extremely inadequate — especially for a public official who knows the truth. It would not be at all outrageous to suggest the governor is perhaps trying to cover his own tracks, as word spreads of Hickenlooper’s aspirations to run for President in 2020.

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