In Colorado, where vape stores were deemed non-essential businesses, the vaping industry is struggling. Manufacturer Jvapes E-liquid, has had to lay off staff due to the closures of two stores in the state. On the other hand, the chain also has stores in Arizona and Oklahoma which have remained open.

In states were convenience stores were deemed essential, vape stores added some stock and reclassified themselves as such, while in other states vape manufacturers started producing hand sanitizer and other sanitary-related products.
To make up for the closed stores, the company is doing its utmost to bump up online sales. Despite this, the company’s sales are down by 30%. “I do believe my business will get through this time,” owner Amanda Wheeler told ECigIntelligence. “However, I suspect that a large number of vapour businesses will not be able to financially recover from this prolonged closure.”

In South Carolina, vape shops did not originally fall into the category of essential businesses outlined by the state. However, together with thousands of car dealerships, cleaning companies and other businesses, multiple vape businesses won approval from the state’s Department of Commerce to keep their doors open.

In the state of Washington, some vape stores have managed to stay open by reclassifying themselves as convenience stores, which have been deemed essential. “We’ve always sold Red Bull as a convenience to the customer,” revealed a vape shop owner. “So we went out and got some snacks and we’re a convenience store.”

While retailers and manufacturers in other states, have started producing hand sanitiser and other sanitary-related products. Georgia-based VR Labs has begun marketing a 60 ml bottle of aloe vera hand sanitiser and promises to donate one bottle for every two it sells. Between the 27th March and the 5th April, the firm donated a total of 850 bottles.

How the UK industry remodeled itself

In the UK, vape shops have been deemed non-essential and forced to close across the country. To this effect, many small independent vape businesses were fearing their demise, whilst their customers were concerned about being able to obtain their smoking cessation aids.

In order to survive, most specialist online vape stores, hybrid online and offline retailers and bricks and mortar shops, have remodelled their retail operations to offer home-deliveries. Retailers have added to their warehouse space, increased the size of their customer service teams and set up online and telephone-based advice channels for vapers and smokers.

Naturally, online retailers have experienced a considerable increase in demand. One such retailer, Vape Club, has reported a 150-200% increase in business. “Normally, when we experience larger order volumes than normal such as at Christmas, we would increase staffing levels to cope. However, this hasn’t been possible due to the circumstances and instead we’ve extended shift times and added ones at the weekend,” said Managing Director Dan Marchant.

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  1. While vaping can affect immune function, there are other factors that play a bigger role in determining someone’s risk of developing COVID-19 complications like age, weight and medical history. It won’t affect susceptibility to COVID-19 but it might increase your chances of developing complications from the virus. Vaping has only been around for 15 years so there’s very little data on the effect it has on patients infected with coronaviruses and almost no data for it’s effect on patients infected with COVID19. There is a lot of data on the effect smoking has on coronavirus patients though and smoking greatly contributes to people developing complications. It’s always a good time to quit something to which you’re addicted but if you quit vaping and you have a relapse, it’s a very bad idea to replace it by smoking cigarettes. I’d give your vape stuff to a family member or a friend as a last resort. It’s sad how politicized vaping has become because it can do a lot of good. After people started getting sick and dying from black market THC liquid people started smoking cigarettes again. They didn’t realize the cause was black market drug dealers cutting the THC liquid with cooking oil. The cooking oil vaporizes but unlike the propylene glycol that’s used as a base in vape products, it turns back into a liquid as it cools in your lungs leading to breathing problems and infections. In CA, taxes on vape products are so high that it’s way cheaper to smoke cigarettes. I never thought I’d be a cigarette smoker again but it’s going to be way too expensive to keep vaping. I’m not sure how having underage teens smoking rather than vaping is supposed to be an improvement though

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