A trade group based in Malaysia wants the vaping industry regulated by the national government.

The Malaysian Vape Chamber of Commerce (MVCC) has called for its national government to regulate the industry, claiming that vaping is no longer a niche market.

“Our data strongly indicates that this sector is a viable and growing industry in Malaysia and can contribute significantly to the local economy. It has already facilitated the growth of local entrepreneurs, many of which are local and Bumiputera businesses,” said Syed Azaudin Syed Ahmad, president of MVCC. He adds that the industry operates under “an established ecosystem comprising manufacturers, importers and retailers, and a growing distribution and logistics network.”

The comments come in conjunction with an MVCC report justifying the claims to regulate the industry through “regulations to create a positive multiplier effect to the Malaysian economy.” According to MVCC, the workforce built around the domestic industry is based primarily on 30 years of age and, at least, of Malay ethnicity.

1.12 million vapers are in Malaysia, notes the Ministry of Health’s latest data.

The ethnic profile of the common vape user reflects the nation’s race composition. According to the information MVCC provided, this includes Malay at 70 percent, Chinese at 25 percent, Indians and other ethnic groups including 5 percent.

94 percent of all vapers have a history of smoking cigarettes, too. MVCC also cited oft-claimed information from Public Health England showing that e-cigarettes are considerably 95 percent safer than traditional cigarettes and demonstrate a necessary public health benefit for Malaysians who choose to use these products as an off-ramp.

“The Malaysian vaping industry has significant potential that can be unlocked with practical and comprehensive regulation that must include the use of e-liquids with nicotine. This will spur the growth of SMEs, which will, in turn, create jobs and generate tax revenue for the government,” said Syed Azaudin, in the same statement.

Malaysia to Impose Excise Duty on Vaping and Tobacco Products

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