The Flave Tank RS is the latest high-end atomizer from French maker Alliancetech Vapor. It’s a 24mm, single coil RDTA. This new model has a few new features that take the Flave to the next level.

The best Flave yet?

The Flave RS is a spin-off of the original models of the same name. It’s seen some improvements that make it even easier to use. It delivers great flavours with direct inhalation at 40-50W. The workmanship is flawless and it is super easy to use.

Technical specs


Diameter 24mm
Height 36.5mm
Capacity 2
Weight 40.5g
Filling Top fill
Assembly type Simple and complex
Mounting plate Single coil
Range of use Depends on assembly
Air intake From the centre
Drip tip 810
Materials Stainless steel, PSU

Those updates in detail

The underside of the Flave Tank RS shows the manufacturer’s name, model and batch (serial) number. Its 510 pin will work with any type of mod. The atomizer comes with an extra drilled pin for use as a bottom feeder. That’s the best way to set it up if you don’t want to have to fill it too often.

The top of the atomizer has the model and the manufacturer’s name deeply engraved on it which are detailed and precise. The drip tip is an 810, but you can change it for any other type you like. The drip tip in the box is enjoyable to use and not too short.

There are two air inlets opposite one another to cool the coil. You restrict the airflow by turning the dome. It’s easy to turn. The barrel grip is loose enough that you can set it precisely but it won’t turn on its own in your pocket. The airflow restriction is excellent and ranges from fairly open, direct inhalation to a much tighter draw. Each hole is a little over 4mm wide. There’s no stopper when you turn the dome. You might think this is a flaw when it comes to drippers, but it isn’t an issue on an RDTA. If you hold the atomizer by the tank, it’s easy to screw on and unscrew the Flave RS from whichever mod you’re using it with.

Another section under the mounting plate holds the PSU tank. This metal piece screws onto the body of the atomizer via a long pierced chimney as well as via the 510 pin. The two holes allow liquid to flow into the tank if you’re using a bottom-feeder. The 2ml capacity is pretty small, but there’s no alternative in such a chunky atomizer. The great thing about the Flave Tank RS is its compact size, and a taller tank would definitely have affected the overall look of the atomizer. The seals do their job perfectly.

Top-level flavours

Under the mounting plate, there are two openings facing each other to guide the wick into the tank. The space is large enough that wicking’s quite easy. These openings are well designed for the coil position and the size of the atomizer. The hole – top right in the photo – is where the e-liquid flows when you fill it. The two smaller holes prevent air bubbles from forming during this last step.

On the side of the mounting plate there’s an oval hole for filling the tank. Most bottle tips will work here, but thinner ones will be easier to use and won’t clog. The deck is engraved with a serial number.

There are two notches to help you position the coil. It’s a breeze: just put your coil on a guide which sits on these two notches. That will position the coil at exactly the right height, directly in front of the air inlets. It’s easy – even if you’re new to rebuildables.

The air inlets are opposite each other but are slightly offset. This means that the whole width of the coil gets cooled, no matter the width. It can handle pretty exotic coils as there’s plenty of space on the mounting plate. The air comes in right next to the coil. When we tested it, we didn’t notice any turbulence in the air supply.

You really can’t go wrong when you fit the coil. The screws are big and hold the coil tabs perfectly. There’s very little chance of the tool slipping when you tighten the screws as the cross on the head is nice and deep. We tested the Flave Tank RS with a range of set-ups, from 30 to 50W. Here we’ve used a 3mm micro alien with 3x30g/40g Ni80 coils by Turtle Coils. When it comes to vaping, it’s a very pleasant surprise!

The Flave Tank RS 24 is designed for direct vaping in the 45/50W range. It delivers a dense, powerful vape and always gets it right. Putting the coil as close as possible to the drip tip like this means you get rich, well-saturated vapour. Even so, it doesn’t spit liquid and we didn’t notice the body of the atomizer heating up in the slightest. Depending on the assembly you use, it can go from a cold DL vape to a much warmer, punchy one. The Flave RS doesn’t work as well once you get above 50W. It delivers excellent flavours with fruity and gourmet e-liquids. The Flave RS is a brilliant high-end atomizer. With the right set-up, any fan of single coils will love it.

In summary

What we like

  • Easy to use
  • Outstanding flavours
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Small size

What we don’t like

  • Low liquid capacity

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Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
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review-flave-tank-rs-alliancetech-vaporThe Flave Tank RS 24 by Alliancetech is a superb, high-end RDTA with a compact look. Its mounting plate is easy to access. It delivers great flavours and a reasonable DL vape. We just wish it had a slightly bigger tank to make it easier to use as a bottom-feeder.