Four years later

We have had to wait four years to discover this second version of the SX Mini SL Class. That’s an eternity in such a rapidly-changing sector as that of the e-cigarette. It’s therefore not surprising that the design and ergonomics of this V2 are radically different to the first version. However, the similarities between them in use bear witness to the soundness of the concept and the efficiency of the chipset.

Technical specs

Dimensions 89x52x30mm
Weight 137g
Battery size 21700, 20700, 18650
Charging USB-C, external charger
Maximum power 100
Max. atomizer diameter 28
Modes available Watts, Volts, Temperature control, Curves

What’s in the box?

  • Mod
  • USB cable
  • User guide

An up-to-date design

Let’s start with the most obvious – the design has been changed considerably. The first version resembled a tube with a control box grafted onto it. The V2 offers a curvy and rounded style that is much better integrated. It is noticeably more comfortable to hold. Unsurprisingly, the finish is impeccable – no complaints there.

The top part has also changed. It is now smooth and better machined. The 510 connector still provides excellent contact with the atomizer, with the bonus of a smoother thread. It can take atomizers up to 28mm in diameter.

The SX Mini SL Class V2 uses 21700 and 20700 batteries, and, with an adapter, 18650. The battery compartment cap has been significantly improved. It isn’t as thick, but it is much easier to handle. With a wider screw thread and a reasonable battery contact spring tension, it now screws on effortlessly.

The SL Class signature

The front has also been upgraded, whilst still displaying the range signature.  The fire button is much the same. It is still wide and easy to press with either the thumb or index finger. Five clicks on the fire button switch on the box. You have to go into the menu to switch it off. It can also be locked and unlocked by clicking three times. The micro-USB connection on the old model has been ditched and replaced by a USB-C port, thus following the trend of most nomadic devices.

The display on the large screen has undergone a few aesthetic changes. It also offers better resolution and better contrast. One small detail, the amps displayed correspond to the current sent to the atomizer, not to that drawn on the battery. We have prepared a complete dossier to help you select the latter in the case of electronic boxes.

The iconic joystick button is still featured to adjust the settings and navigate the many menus available. However, it protrudes considerably less, which reduces the risk of accidental manipulations or destructive impacts.

A vaping performance that’s just as good

The SX Mini SL Class V2 is fitted with a Yihi SX730J chipset. In short, it is pure Yihi: it undeniably delivers an enjoyable vaping experience, and the extent of the options available mean that the menus aren’t really intuitive. 

For uncomplicated use in power mode, the Yihi SX730J doesn’t tie your brain in knots. However, if you want to use the advanced functions, it’s a good idea to have at least a quick glance through the user manual.

Watts mode functions as usual, with power settings in increments of 1W, but it’s a shame the “novice” mode that was available on the first version has disappeared. It provided very practical simplified operation.

Voltage mode enables you to adjust the vaping voltage. Another thing worth mentioning is that the display shows the corresponding power in watts in real time. We didn’t notice any real difference in the vaping experience between these first two modes.

The box also offers two types of curve adjustment. The first “smart” type enables three styles of vaping. These are “soft” to start the puff with a lower power than the setting, “strong” which does the opposite and starts it stronger, and “neutral” which doesn’t change anything. The effect is noticeable without being excessive, and in particular allows you to compensate for the slowness of some very large assemblies that take some time to heat up.

The second curve setting mode enables you to adjust your vape over twenty power bars representing half a second of vape time each, from zero to 150% of the power setting. Although the principle is interesting, this option goes way beyond the sensory capacities of most users, including ourselves.

Lastly, the temperature control mode has been made simpler by eliminating the Joules mode, but at the same time offers more possibilities. It can be constant or dynamic, thus allowing slight fluctuations. This means you can choose a cold, cool, normal, hot or very hot vape, and the temperature value adjusts accordingly. Tested with 316 stainless steel resistance coils, it offers both excellent protection for the cotton if the liquid runs out and a perfect vape.

In summary

What we like

  • Design and finish
  • The ergonomics
  • The vaping quality
  • The multitude of options

What we don’t like

  • Switching off via the menu
  • Menus still not very intuitive
Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
E-liquid consumption
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