A comfortable volume

The Luxe X is a pod that holds a respectable 5ml. With its Axon chipset and 1500 mAh battery, the Luxe X can deliver up to 40W. It has two cartridges with two different coils and you can use the same pod for direct to lung or mouth to lung vaping.

Technical specs

Pod dimensions 98×21.5×21.6mm
Pod weight 73g
Charging USB-C
Battery 1500 mAh
Range of use Automatic
Tank capacity 5ml

What’s in the box?

  • Pod
  • Tanks
  • USB cable
  • User guide

A stylish pod

On one side of the Luxe X is the fire button, used to make vapour and to switch on your pod. The Axon chipset is visible through the translucent plastic, giving the pod a modern look that geekier vapers will love. The polished design is understated. The fire button is satisfying to push whether you use your thumb or finger. Each time you press it, a row of small LEDs at the bottom of the pod light up. They indicate that the Luxe X is working properly and its battery level. The Luxe X can deliver up to 40W.

The battery and chipset are both situated under a three-layer injected plastic part, which makes the Luxe X very rigid and able to withstand falls on a daily basis. The name of the model is clearly visible on this side.

The 1500 mAh battery is charged via a USB-C port on the underside of the pod. The battery life is pretty good for a pod of this size, which weighs in at just about 70g and measures 75.6mm without the cartridge. The Luxe X has a system to prevent prolonged presses on the fire button.

Two cartridges for every vaping style

The cartridge is tinted but you can easily see the level of e-liquid remaining without needing to remove it. The coil is cooled by two air inlets positioned opposite each other. The airflow is not adjusted using a ring but by changing the direction in which the cartridge is positioned. A small seal near the contacts limits the amount of air entering under the coil. By turning the tank, you can modulate the airflow for a more or less open draw. The mouthpiece is flattened and pleasant to vape with, suitable for the type of inhalation.

Two cartridges are supplied in the box. The first is a 0.4 ohm coil and the second 0.8 ohms to vape either in direct to lung mode or in mouth to lung mode, like a tobacco cigarette. This means you can vary your vaping experience all day long using the same pod. The only downside for us is that the cartridges are disposable. Once the coil is spent, you have to throw away the tank and replace it.

To fill the tank, you lift the seal under the cartridge. The filling hole is the right size for most e-liquid bottle tips. With its 5ml tank, the Luxe X joins the ranks of small pods with above-average capacity. You won’t need to fill it too often, and it only takes a few seconds. Obviously, the 0.4 ohm cartridge consumes more liquid. During our tests with both tanks, we didn’t notice any seepage or leaks at all. This is good news, since this is often a weak point of pods. It delivers flavours very well, especially with fruity flavours using mesh coils. Vapour production is huge in direct to lung mode.

In summary

 What we like

  • Battery life
  • Capacity
  • The look
  • Vape quality
  • DL and MLT vaping

 What we don’t like

  • Disposable cartridges
Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
E-liquid consumption
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review-luxe-x-vaporesso-2The Luxe X is a good pod which doesn't require any particular skill to use it on a daily basis. Its chipset is reliable and its cartridges deliver great flavours. The fact that the tanks are disposable is a downside.