Products purchased at Morrisons, Sainsbury and Tesco’s branches in London, Derby and Sheffield, were found to contain between 3ml and 3.2ml of nicotine when limit allowed in the UK is 2ml.
A closer look into the products conducted by the Mail on three flavours purchased at Morrisons, Sainsbury and Tesco’s branches in London, Derby and Sheffield, found they contained between 3ml and 3.2ml. The nicotine limit allowed in the UK is 2ml, of which the maximum strength should be 2%.

When approached, the Chinese manufacturer ‘wholeheartedly apologised’, saying that this was not intentional. “We found out that some batches of the Elfbar product have been overfilled in the UK,” said a spokesperson for Elfbar. “It appears that e-liquid tank sizes, which are standard in other markets [such as the US], have been inadvertently fitted to some of our UK products. We wholeheartedly apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.”

Supermarket chains pull Elfbar off their shelves

Despite this Tesco removed the line from its stores, and Morrisons also launched its own investigation into the product. The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) highlighted that ELFBAR was taking the required actions to rectify the situation. “We are aware that ELFBAR has made an announcement that it has found that some of its products have entered the UK with 3ml capacity e-liquid tanks, which whilst standard in many parts of the world, are not so here.

“Whilst they are not a member of the UKVIA, we have sought reassurance that they are on top of the matter and engaging appropriately with the relevant authorities and the marketplace. We understand that they are taking immediate action and will be replacing all affected stock. We also await further information from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and Trading Standards groups in relation to this matter.”

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