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Industry leaders convened to discuss the future of e-cigarettes in Indonesia

At the recent Indonesia exhibition, Geekvape collaborated with Indonesian industry leaders to discuss and reveal future trends in the market.


Below is a summary of their key views and insights on future industry trends:

Q1:Can you tell me about the current trends in the Indonesian market by category?

Wholesaler Santo (Jualvape):The current trend is towards POD, AIO, and MOD systems. And for disposable in market maybe good but only in Bali and center Jakarta.

Retailer Dewi (6V9 Bali): In my area, POD and MOD systems are popular but disposable products are emerging. Although not a professional field here, I am ready to enter the disposable market.

E-liquid dealer Paiy (Clouds Heaven Makassar ): For the Indonesian vape market, especially in Makassar, POD systems are currently booming.

Q2. What do you think of the future of different segments – eg disposables vs pods vs advanced open systems?

Wholesaler Budi (vapebay): The high tax and lack of customer education make it difficult to sell disposable products this year.

Retailer: Esji ( Oracle vape store Bali) : I believe that in the future, pod and disposable systems will achieve a balance in the market due to their simplicity. If the liquid runs out, just replace it; if the cartridge tastes bad, just change it. Indonesian people prefer simple things over complicated ones.

E-liquid dealer Andri (Vapehitz): No matter which kind, let the customer choose for themselves, it is the user’s choice. In my store, we still don’t sell disposables because they are expensive and wasteful. Disposable products may not be popular in some cities but could be more common in larger ones.

Q3:In your opinion, what are Indonesian consumers’ purchasing habits and considerations to be taken into account?

Retailer Andy(Vapestore Pekalongan): For first price, next service to customers, must think about customer satisfaction.

Retailer: Aji and Nunu (Agata vape)
Aji: First, Whether there are new devices, second, there are cheap ones, and the newest and viral.

Nunu : usually cheap, new, viral, and good colors, where I really like bright colors.

Retailer: Sandi and Riki (GM Vapor Palu)

Sandi : First cheap, which is again a trend, and color models
Riki : Usually price, the second is the color model, the third is product durability.

Q4.Do you have any knowledge and insights to share with those who work in the Indonesian e-cigarette industry

Wholesaler Budi (JVS): He should be consistent and work hard, manage his new store well, and focus on it.

Retailer Juna (Junavape Bali): If you want to start your business in this industry, you need to fully understand your products. It’s not just about selling them, but also educating your customers. Make sure your customer is your best friend and not the other way around.
E-liquid dealer Adit (Tokovapeku/preva): Don’t open new store if u don’t have prepare, Knows market in your location first, which product your area love it, don’t be people pleaser.

Q5:How exactly does vaping help people quit smoking cigarettes?

Retailer Wayne (SarangVape): We can’t blame smokers or vapers for their choices in life, let’s not make them different from each other and respect what they like.

Retailer Tyo (DaggerVape): It depends on the individual, as vaping can be helpful or not.

Retailer Algus (vapormania medan): The cost of vaping is mostly cheaper than smoking cigarettes, and it’s also a healthier alternative. If smokers knew this, I believe they would switch to vaping.

According to the analysis of industry leaders, in Indonesia’s e-cigarette market, the current trend is still dominated by POD system, followed by MOD. Disposable are only popular in central Jakarta and some resort areas like Bali. In the future market, pods and disposables will maintain a balance, and the Indonesian e-cigarette market is booming.
Geekvape Sea sale director Alan Wong said Indonesia is one of the largest e-cigarette markets in Southeast Asia, which has achieved rapid growth in the past few years and is expected to continue to expand in the future.The Pod will remain a mainstream product for a long time to come,To meet market trends, Geekvape introduced the Q series, designed specifically for Indonesian users’ preferences in appearance, taste, cartridge compatibility, and cost-effectiveness. With its superior product strength, GEEKVAPE is able to gain a large market share by 2023. According to his estimates, GEEKVAPE should be in the top five in the Indonesian market.

Alan Wong emphasized the importance of the Indonesian market to Geekvape and plans to increase investment in R&D, design, marketing, sales, and warehousing. The focus is on improving user experience, benefiting partners, promoting industry growth and healthy development.

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