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Review: Drop Dead 2 RDA – Hellvape

Hellvape has brought out a brand new dripper, the Drop Dead 2 RDA. The brand’s reputation is solid - they’ve been on the dual-coil DL rebuildables scene since the start. At 24 mm in diameter and with a big tank, the quality/price ratio for the Drop Dead 2 RDA is great.


24 mm of massive clouds

There’s a trend now to make atomisers with bigger and bigger diameters, but the Drop Dead 2 RDA has kept to a more diminutive size, at 24 mm in diameter. But make no mistake – the size might be small for a dual-coil, but this dripper makes massive clouds and you can use it with the biggest, most exotic assemblies. It delivers strong flavours. Plus, it’s so easy to get started with. This is a dripper to use for the sheer pleasure of it, or as your first purchase in the world of rebuildables.

Technical specs

Diameter 24 mm
Height 27
Weight 42 g
BF option BF pin included
Assembly type Simple and complex
Mounting plate Double coil
Range of use Depends on assembly
Airflow From the side
Drip tip 810
Materials Stainless steel, resin

What’s in the box?

  • BF pin
  • Coils
  • Drip tip
  • Tool
  • User guide

An easy-to-master dripper

Underneath the Drop Dead 2 RDA, the 510 pin comes in two versions: one solid pin for use with a classic box and a hollow 510 pin for a bottom feeder box. The 510 connector is plenty long enough to use on a hybrid mech mod. The dripper is understated, and like many Hellvape products, the finish is excellent.

The clean-cut dripper barrel  features two airflow openings. The high-precision air inlets let you be very specific about the airflow. This set-up works with any assembly type and any liquid. Unless you vape at 200 W to fill your lungs completely, the Drop Dead 2 RBA covers a very wide range of use in DL. Our tests showed that below 70 W, the dripper was much less expressive than at higher power levels.

The Drop Dead 2 RBA can be completely dismantled, which is great when it needs a deep clean. It comes with two drip tips, one of which is fully plastic. The inside opening is 9 mm. Both versions are the same height. The step-shape of the top cap allows you to adjust the air intake very precisely. The knurling around the top makes it easy to handle and adjust.

The tank on the Drop Dead 2 RDA is deep, and stands at more than 6 mm. The posts are postless, making it so much easier to adjust the coils. Hellvape has also included an extra set of screws for the deck and a full set of seals.

Assembling the Drop Dead 2 RDA is so simple. You don’t need any special technical skills because along with the dripper, Hellvape provides coils, a tool to cut the coil tabs to the correct length and a wick. That’s everything you need to get started – there’s no need to worry that you’re missing a vital part before you get going.

Depending on your personal preferences and how it feels, you can move the coils away from or closer to the centre of the dripper.
The Drop Dead 2 RDA can accommodate really huge, exotic assemblies without batting an eyelid.

Vaping with this dripper is a treat. It’s very comfortable on power levels over 100 W. Of course, adjusting the airflows changes its very cold or lukewarm airy vape to a far hotter one. The Drop Dead 2 RBA works well with fruity and gourmet e-liquids.
The generous, deep tank works perfectly with a BF box so unless you squeeze the bottle too hard it’s unlikely to over squonk. The Dead Drop 2 RBA might not be the one-in-a-million dripper you’re looking for, but on the plus side it does a great job for the price. It’s the perfect product for anyone looking to get into rebuildable DL vaping.


What we like

  • Easy to assemble
  • Very good level of finish
  • Deep tank
  • A complete kit
  • A quality, powerful vape

What we don’t like

  • Nothing

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Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
Ease of use
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review-drop-dead-2-rda-hellvapeThe Drop Dead 2 RDA is a very good 24 mm diameter dripper. It’s easy to assemble, and the deep tank ensures the wick is thoroughly soaked. Flavours are great from 70 W to more than 110 W. It doesn’t really have any flaws, and is an excellent product at a reasonable price.