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Review: Xlim SQ Pro – Oxva

The Xlim SQ Pro is a tiny, ultra-compact pod with plenty of potential. Despite its small size, it has 1200 mAh of battery and a settings screen. It’s simple and effective, delivering the e-liquid flavours beautifully.


Pocket size

Although the Xlim SQ Pro is barely more than 7 cm high, it has everything you need. A comfortable battery for its size, a colour control screen and two tanks for two different styles of vaping. It’s a serious contender in the competitive world of pods.

Technical specs

Pod dimensions 77 x 54.4 x 20.4 mm
Pod weight 88 g
Charging USB-C
Battery 1200 mAh
Range of use 5 to 30 W
Tank capacity 2 ml

What’s in the box?

  • Pod
  • Tanks
  • USB cable
  • User guide
  • Goodies

An excellent level of finish

A little slider on one of the sides of the pod adjusts the airflow entering the coil to cool it. The airflow is very easy to adjust with a good level of precision, enabling both a tight draw in MTL and a very restricted DL draw. The pod allows these configurations thanks to the two different cartridges it comes with.

On the opposite side is a USB-C port to charge the built-in 1200 mAh battery. Even if the Xlim SQ Pro doesn’t have the longest of battery lives, it is very well positioned in ultra-compact pod category, which are usually around 1000 mAh.

Just next to it is a button that acts as the fire button and is also used to make adjustments in the various menus. The Xlim SQ Pro pod generates vapour either by pressing the button or by simply inhaling.

A colour screen on the front displays all the key information, such as the selected power, the time and number of puffs as well as the selected mode. The pod has a smart function which adjusts the power automatically according to the value of the cartridge coil. It also has a Power mode which can be used to select the power level manually. The Xlim SQ Pro offers power from 5 to 30 W. The colour and display visuals can also be modified and the puff counter can be cleared.

The screen is bright and the details are crisp. The assembly of the pod and the glued parts is flawless. Overall, the pod is clean and everything fits perfectly. The Xlim SQ Pro has plenty of potential despite its small size.

The 2 ml cartridge fits on the top of the battery body in the usual way. It is held in place by two magnets. When the tank is in place, you can see almost the entire amount of e-liquid remaining.

The Xlim SQ Pro comes with two cartridges. The first is 0.6 ohm to use between 20 and 25 W and the second one is 0.8 ohm to vape between 12 and 16 W. The coils are sealed inside the cartridge. When they start to deteriorate, you have to change the whole cartridge.

Both cartridges deliver excellent flavours. Everything works perfectly without a hitch. Although the 0.8 ohm coil is fairly economical in its battery use, using the 0.6 ohm coil means you have to charge your pod during the day if you want to use it continuously. You can also vape while it’s charging.

The Xlim SQ Pro pod is compatible with other 0.4 ohm and 1 ohm cartridges from the brand.


What we like

  • Small size
  • Screen with different menus
  • Two vaping styles
  • Vape quality
  • A coherent whole

What we don’t like

  • Disposable cartridge

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Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
Ease of use
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review-xlim-sq-pro-oxvaThe Xlim SQ Pro is a very good pod. It’s ideal for vapers seeking an ultra-compact, reliable device. The two cartridges with different coils contribute to the vaping experience. The flavours are good quality. The pod is well-designed, simple and effective. The fact that the cartridges are disposable is a downside.