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VAPORESSO ECO ONE: Small but Powerful, the Perfect Tool to Replace Smoking


As vaping becomes more common there has been a call from traditional cigarette users for a tool that can replicate the feel of what they are used to. VAPORESSO ECO ONE is here, as the ideal device, to make a smooth transition to replace smoking. Deeply inspired by the demands of ex-smokers to imitate the smoking actions of inhaling, or holding the product in their mouth or between the fingers. ECO ONE was designed based on those demands, a vape that can last more than one day, super light and super skinny, and satisfying tight draw.

Compact 1100mAh Battery, All Your Needs in a Day

ECO ONE is equipped with a 1100mAh battery in a compact design, the highest capacity for devices of its size. The inclusion of the AXON CHIP provides stable power output to ensure excellent flavor consistency even as the battery level depletes.

Enjoy the Smoother Flavor with COREX Technology in 0.8/1.2ohm Pods

Employing COREX Smooth heating technology and optimized cotton material structure, ECO ONE delivers the smooth, accurate, and delicate flavor sensation along with a long-lasting lifespan of pods. In addition to the superior flavor profile, ECO ONE also caters to those who prefer a tight draw. The device can use 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm pods, allowing users to experience a tight and satisfying nicotine hit in every puff.

Designed for Your Fingers and Lips

ECO ONE only weighs 36g, features a slim and sleek design, gives it a comfortable grip, making it the ultimate companion for anytime anywhere. The pod’s food-grade silicone soft mouthpiece offers a pleasurable mouth bite. Hold it hands-free in your mouth if you wish it so.

A More Economical & Eco-Friendly Choice

With ECO ONE, there is no more cigarette packaging or disposable battery waste. Compared to traditional cigarettes, it also lowers costs by an estimated 60% with a refillable and rechargeable pod vape.


Founded in 2015, VAPORESSO was founded on the belief that each action is an endeavor to achieve excellence. Our unwavering commitment to surpassing the ordinary has propelled us to become the leading vaping brand globally. We embody a vision where our technology and values merge, crafting a better, cleaner, and more enjoyable life for all.

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.

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