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Guillaume Bailly is a French writer, author of the best-seller "Mes Sincères condoléances" and a journalist specialized in vape stories. He joined the Vaping Post in 2013 to use his sharp style in articles, mainly political. A history buff, Guillaume shares his vision of vaping on a daily basis, which he likes to be innovative, precise and full of humor.

Are electronic cigarettes chemical?

Are e-cigarettes chemical? Yes, electronic cigarettes are chemical, just like absolutely everything on Earth and across the universe. What matters isn’t whether something is chemical...

Can you vape as a Catholic?

Finally, last but not least in the series on vaping and religion, today we are taking a look at e-cigarettes and Christianity. Can you...

Is vaping Kosher?

Kosher e-cigarettes As we have seen in an earlier article on religion, e-cigarettes should for example be banned under Islam strictly according to the Qur'an....

Is vaping halal?

Foreword We have interviewed a number of imams on the stance on e-cigarettes in the Muslim faith... Everyone is free to choose to believe or not....