Best atomizer for flavour

Get the most out of your liquids

The Reload 26 RTA by Reload Vapor is the dual-coil version in their atomizer range. It offers dense vapour, intense flavours and superbly quiet operation.

If you use it for direct inhalation vaping, it controls the top air intake well and doesn’t leak at all, which we really like.

It’s easy to assemble too, as single- or dual-coil, although a single-coil set-up isn’t very interesting in this version.

How can you get the best potential flavour?

Although it’s very easy to make an atomizer that can produce massive clouds, it’s quite hard to render flavours equally well. The result depends on lots of parameters that are hard to define individually and hard to build into a relevant product. It’s all about getting the most intense flavours possible without distorting them or spoiling the balance the liquid manufacturer has created. It boils down to precision and harmonising the flavours, and only the best can do it.

The quest for flavour

Aromas play an essential part in vaping pleasure. They are crucial to how successfully people transition to electronic cigarettes. Flavours become a pleasure we want to experience again, and improve. Atomizers optimized for flavour rendering have helped us to find this Holy Grail, with precise, intense and balanced flavours.

  1. How can you describe the flavours produced?
  2. The importance of assembly
  3. Which atomizer works with which liquid?
  4. Big clouds, bland flavours
  5. Is the top of the range really best?

How can you describe the flavours produced?

The flavours of liquids are about as subjective as it gets. Whether you think a liquid’s nice or not depends completely on your taste. However, it’s quite easy to judge how well an atomizer renders flavour because that calls for a certain objectivity. For example, the flavours produced are more or less intense, and it’s more or less possible to distinguish them from one other. By comparing different liquids in different atomizers, qualitative classification for flavour rendering starts to emerge.

The importance of assembly

During our tests, we try each atomizer with about ten different assemblies. The choice of the metal we use, the type of wire, its diameter and the number of loops in the resistance coil all affect an atomizer’s flavour rendering a great deal. It doesn’t take long to find the optimum power range for an atomizer, mainly based on its airflow. But finding the best assembly isn’t an exact science, and you have to experiment until you find the right one.

Which atomizer works with which liquid?

This may come as a surprise, but a lot of atomizers designed to optimize flavour work better with certain types of liquid. Some are better with fruit and mint flavours, others with classic or gourmet flavours. People generally think that fruit and mint flavours are best rendered with warm vapour, while classic and gourmet flavours are more enjoyable with hotter vapour. The assembly and the power of the vape directly affect this, but so do the atomizer’s set-up, chamber volume and airflow. So bear in mind what your favourite type of liquid is when you decide.

Big clouds, bland flavours

We’ve often read that the higher the power of the vape, the greater the vapour production and the blander and more degraded the flavours are. This was true a few years ago, but it’s not so often the case now. The arrival of complex wires like claptons and others has really changed things, as did mesh coils on clearomizers. It is quite reasonable to expect excellent flavour rendering at 80W or more. Having said that, no atomizer designed to make big clouds has done better than the ones we’ve selected, which work at less extreme power settings.

Is the top of the range really best?

Likewise, high-end atomizers have long taken all the prizes for best flavour. Mod users had their own expertise, but the large-scale manufacturers were quick to take it on board. Nowadays, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get great flavour – far from it. Chinese manufacturers in particular have made absolutely staggering progress, both with the finishes and rendering from their atomizers. Although they’re still beautiful objects, high-end atomizers are no longer consistently more efficient than entry-level models.

Flavour atomizers FAQ

How much does a flavour atomizer cost on average?

As with all atomizers, you should expect to pay between 25 and 70 Euro on average for a flavour atomizer.

Which atomizer is best for flavour?

Our experts have awarded the prize for best flavour atomizer to the Reload 26 by the Reload Vapor brand, after a series of dozens of meticulous tests.

Can I use my flavour atomizer at any power?

No. Actually, while some flavour atomizers are intended for indirect inhalation, meaning you have to vape at a low power, other flavour atomizers are designed to work at higher powers. So, it’s important to find out what the best type of assembly is for your model, and adapt your vape power to suit.

Can I use any type of coil in my flavour atomizer?

It all depends on the model of your flavour atomizer. If it’s designed to operate in MTL, then you’d be better with coils made of thin wire, which can heat at low power. But if your flavour atomizer has a big mounting plate, there’s nothing to stop you from using one or even two large coils.

Will my flavour atomizer bring out the flavours of all e-liquids equally well?

In theory, a flavour atomizer will bring out most of the flavours in all types of e-liquids. However, some atomizers are better than others for one type of e-liquid or another. So some flavour atomizers will bring out gourmet e-liquid flavours particularly well because of the hot vapour they produce, while others work better with cooler e-liquids for example.

What capacity should I choose for my flavour atomizer?

If you can fill your flavour atomizer during the day, you’ll be fine with a capacity of 2 ml, and you’ll be able to use a smaller device. On the other hand, if you want to be able to vape with your flavour atomizer all day without having to refill it, you’d be better with a capacity of over 4 ml.

How do I adjust the airflow of my flavour atomizer?

You’ll need to adjust the air flow of your flavour atomizer until you find a setting that suits you. Try turning the air flow control ring until you find the vape experience that suits you best.

Do MTL atomizers bring out flavours better?

Not necessarily. Actually, while some vapers enjoy the flavours of their e-liquids more using indirect inhalation kit, others want a lot of vapour, so they’d be better with a direct inhalation vape to achieve to the same result. So it’s a very personal question really.

When should I change the coil in my flavour atomizer?

You should change your coil regularly, at least once a week. As soon as you notice the slightest change in the taste of your e-liquid, it’s time to replace the coil. Of course, vapers consuming large amounts of e-liquid will need to change their coils more often, maybe even every 2 or 3 days.

What style of flavour atomizer should I choose?

The smaller the atomizing chamber in an atomizer, the more the flavours should come through. That’s why we recommend choosing an atomizer that works with a single coil.