Best atomizer for MTL

The Kayfun [Lite] Plus 2021 by SvoëMesto is a lighter version of previous models. The design is simpler and it’s easier to use. In terms of performance it isn’t just comparable, it’s often better. And that means it will delight even the most demanding amateurs. It has perfect air flow, ranging from very restrictive to relatively open for pleasant MTL, very easy assembly with a tolerance you can appreciate, and above all exceptional vaping pleasure.

Flavours are delivered with surprising precision and intensity, the vapour is dense, and it gives a long hit. There’s just one quirk: you fill it the old way, by unscrewing the tank from the base.


Indirect inhalation or MTL

A few years ago, this wasn’t even on our radar: all atomizers and clearomizers on the market were designed for indirect inhalation, and mods did not exceed 15 W maximum power. As available power has increased, air flows have opened up, and direct inhalation has allowed a plethora of different vaping options. However, indirect inhalation continues to mean just that.

Indirect inhalation, a familiar way of smoking

To give new vapers the best chance of quitting smoked tobacco, we need to consider their history as a smoker. The way a smoker inhales cigarette smoke, pulling with the mouth and then inhaling the smoke, is an aspect of vaping that causes a lot of apprehension. Indirect inhalation is possible with many reduced air flow atomizers. Explanations.

Is indirect vaping a left field?

Big clouds, direct inhalation vaping and high power are all over social media and manufacturers’ marketing. Even so, many vapers still prefer MTL and it makes up the largest market share. One reason for this is that it often eases the transition to electronic cigarettes, but we mustn’t forget what great pleasure it still gives us, even after years of vaping!

  1. What is indirect inhalation?
  2. What’s special about MTL atomizers?
  3. Dedicated or multi-purpose?
  4. What assemblies are there for MTL?
  5. How much nicotine do you get with MTL?

What is indirect inhalation?

Indirect inhalation, or MTL, means mouth-to-lung, literally “from your mouth to your lungs” and describes a two-step vaping method. First you draw the vapour into your mouth, and then you breathe it into your lungs. Of course, this is a lot like to the way most smokers use their tobacco cigarettes.

It’s different from direct inhalation, where vapour is drawn directly into the lungs, by breathing it in like air. This is what hookah (shisha) smokers usually do.

What’s special about MTL atomizers?

Atomizers designed for indirect inhalation are designed for a vape with limited power and a restrictive air flow. In a nutshell, atomizers designed for direct inhalation are bigger than all other vaping kit.

Air flow is definitely the most important factor, because in this case the air passes through small openings not big holes. Inhaling takes more effort, which is essential in MTL. The chamber’s smaller too, and the posts are made to take thinner wires for assemblies that work at 8 and 20 W.

Dedicated or multi-purpose?

Some atomizers are marketed as being able to switch from MTL to a very airy vape. It’s possible of course, since all you need is an adjustable air flow control that goes from very restrictive to very airy. It’s easy enough, but doing it well has been practically impossible until now.

In practice, these versatile atomizers don’t manage any one thing very well, because they all have some pros and cons. Plus, the greater the vaping range they offer, the lower their overall vaping quality is. Some reasonably priced models do pretty well, but you’ll always get the best results from atomizers designed for a specific vaping style.

What assemblies are there for MTL?

Indirect inhalation usually uses powers under 25W, normally between 12 and 18 W. That means assemblies use relatively thin wires, such as 28 or 30 Ga. Five windings around a 3 mm pin is a good starting point, and you can tweak it to suit your personal preferences of course.

Other, more complex wire designs like claptons also work well with MTL. The 28-40, with a 0.28mm core and 0.40mm coating, gives great flavour above 15 W. MTL assemblies are less exotic than some of the coils designed to make big clouds, but that doesn’t stop them aiming high.

How much nicotine do you get with MTL?

We often read that you need to increase your nicotine level when you switch from direct inhalation to MTL. This is certainly true of pods and some clearomizers that give a small hit. But when it comes to reconstructables, you can control the assembly and therefore how effective it is. The hit is different because it doesn’t last as long when you inhale the vapour, but it can be as intense as inhaling directly with the same level of nicotine. It may actually be even stronger. Build your assembly to get the hit you want!

Indirect inhalation atomizers FAQ

How much does an indirect inhalation atomizer cost on average?

Indirect inhalation atomizers can vary in price, but expect them to cost between 30 and 50 Euro on average.

What is the best atomizer for indirect inhalation?

Following dozens of tests carried out in our office, our experts can now confirm that the Kayfun [lite] Plus 2021 by manufacturer SvoëMesto is the best atomizer for indirect inhalation.

Are indirect inhalation atomizers an effective way to quit smoking?

Yes, an MTL atomizer is perfectly effective for quitting smoking. The way you inhale when you use it is so similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette that it’s a really effective tool for quitting smoking.

Do I have to change my nicotine level if I start vaping with indirect inhalation?

There’s no need. The most important thing about using e-cigarettes to stop smoking is that you don’t get the urge to smoke. So if upping your nicotine levels stops you from reaching for a tobacco cigarette, do it! If not, there’s no need to change your habits at all. To find out more about nicotine, check out our article Everything you needed to know about nicotine.

Can I use my indirect inhalation atomizer at any power?

No. Indirect inhalation atomizers are designed to operate with very low air flow, which means the heat level is lower too. This type of kit is generally used at low powers, often between 7 and 15 Watts.

I can see the letters MTL by the name of my indirect inhalation atomizer. What do they mean?

MTL is the acronym for the English term “mouth to lung”, i.e. from your mouth to your lungs, which is how you vape with indirect inhalation. In short, MTL and indirect inhalation are the same thing!

Can I fit any type of resistance coil in my indirect inhalation atomizer?

No. Since indirect inhalation atomizers operate at low power, the coils you use in them must be able to heat up using less heat. So in indirect inhalation vaping, if you have a coil made with 3 types of wire, for example, or with particularly thick wire, it won’t heat up enough at the power the box puts out.

Do I have to do MTL when I vape with my indirect inhalation atomizer?

No, you don’t have to do indirect inhalation when you vape with your atomizer, even though that’s what it’s designed for. However, with most indirect inhalation atomizers that feature much-reduced air flows, vaping any other way will be much harder because the air flow will be too low.

Can I use my indirect inhalation atomizer with the box I’ve got?

Yes, if your box is fitted with a 510 pin, which has been standard for many years now, your indirect inhalation atomizer will fit no problem.

Can I use any e-liquid with my MTL atomizer?

Yes. Just remember that some atomizers can’t use very thick e-liquids because of their high vegetable glycerine content. Your dealer will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about what your atomizer can or can’t do.

What style of MTL atomizer should I choose?

Vapers who use their atomizers for indirect inhalation from time to time will probably find that a capacity of 2 ml is enough. On the other hand, vapers who wants to use their atomizers more often, and throughout the day, should get a higher-capacity model with a capacity of at least 4 ml.

Can I make a lot of vapour with my indirect inhalation atomizer?

No. Indirectly inhalation atomizers are designed with reduced air flow. To make big vapour clouds, you need equipment with a high air flow and large liquid intakes. So you won’t be able to go cloud chasing with your indirect inhalation atomizer.

Do indirect inhalation atomizers use a lot of e-liquid?

No, indirect inhalation atomizers don’t use much liquid. In fact, the vaping kit used for MTL is some of the most economical around.