Best clearomizer for indirect inhalation

The closest thing to a combustible cigarette

The Zenith II by Innokin is without a doubt the best new indirect inhalation clearomizer. It is very well made and the finish is excellent.

It is extremely easy to use and we’d go so far as to say it never leaks. Filling the tank is easy, and so is changing the coil. In fact, they make several models of coil so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

You can vary the vapour intensity, and the air flow setting allows you to go from a very restrictive vape to a restrictive DL vape. It delivers all the clear, balanced flavours you could ask for.

The most effective way to get into e-cigarettes

Choosing an e-cigarette is very personal, and we all need to find a vape and a liquid we’ll enjoy using. Clearomizers designed for indirect inhalation are considered the most effective because they suit most people’s needs. Their popularity is quite understandable really, because using one feels most like smoking a combustible cigarette.

Understanding indirect inhalation clearomizers

Here are some very common questions about this type of clearomizer to help you understand how they work.

The characteristics of a clearomizer

A good clearomizer makes vapour that’s dense and intense enough to satisfy your nicotine cravings. Flavours taste natural, and most importantly the hit you get matches the level of nicotine in your e-liquid. It goes without saying that it must not leak, the tank has to be easy to fill, and changing the coil needs to be easy and not make a mess. These are pretty impressive specifications for a device that seems so simple!

  1. What is indirect inhalation?
  2. Why do you need special equipment?
  3. A mid-range vape
  4. An observation, not a choice
  5. The benefits of a clearomizer

What is indirect inhalation?

There are two main ways of vaping, just as there are two main ways of smoking. With the first, you inhale the vapour or smoke directly into your lungs. The second involves two stages: first you draw it into your mouth, then down into your lungs.

The first way is direct inhalation, which is how we breathe – directly into our lungs. It’s also exactly what hookah users do. Indirect inhalation is the two-stage process most cigarette smokers use. It is called MTL or mouth-to-lung: the vapour goes from your mouth to your lungs.

Why do you need special equipment?

Some clearomizers are actually designed for indirect inhalation, others for direct inhalation. The big difference between the two is the air flow. Inhaling is easy with a direct inhalation clearomizer, since you just breathe in easily. To give you a better idea, it’s like breathing through a garden hose or a snorkel, which is as easy as breathing air normally.

Conversely, the air flow on clearomizers intended for indirect inhalation is restrictive. You have to suck harder, a bit breathing like through a very narrow straw. Using your lungs to inhale is difficult, but inhaling by sucking into your mouth first is much more natural. Which is exactly what you do with a combustible cigarette.

A mid-range vape

Unlike the big clouds you often get with direct inhalation, clearomizers designed for indirect inhalation make more reasonable amounts of vapour that are quite similar to the amount of smoke from a cigarette. To do this the coils use lower power, usually between 8 and 20 W.

Incidentally, this is a major benefit in terms of battery life. As the coils use less power, they use less battery power and the battery lasts much longer.  It’s much more convenient if you only have to recharge in the evening instead of several times a day.

Making less vapour means they also use less liquid than the coils in clearomizers designed for direct inhalation. Refilling your tank less often will make a real difference to how much you spend on e-liquid.

An observation, not a choice

We want to clarify that it’s not really a question of choosing between direct and indirect inhalation. You need to try both to see which one suits you and best meets your needs. Reading the previous paragraph will give you the concrete, objective benefits of indirect inhalation. But if it doesn’t suit you, it won’t stop you from smoking cigarettes.

Our tastes can, and often do, change. It’s not unusual for vapers to start with indirect inhalation and then switch to direct inhalation, but there are no hard and fast rules. Just pay attention to your feelings – if you need to change your vaping style, or if your current vape isn’t making you completely happy, then change.

The benefits of clearomizers

Clearomizers now compete with pods, whether they are sealed cartridges pre-filled with e-liquid or open, i.e. you can fill them with any liquid you want to. In both cases, you replace the whole tank when it’s worn out.

Although pods are smaller and a bit more practical, clearomizers are much more efficient. The vapour they make is much more enjoyable, they render flavour better and the hit they give is far more satisfying. There’s no need to use liquids with the highest nicotine levels to get that feeling in your throat you’re looking for.

A good clearomizer is still the best way to ensure a successful transition to e-cigarettes.

Indirect inhalation clearomizer FAQ

How much does an indirect inhalation clearomizer cost?

The average price of an indirect inhalation clearomizer is usually between 25 and 45 Euro.

What is the best indirect inhalation clearomizer?

Following extensive testing by our experts here, the editorial staff of the Vaping Post has named the Zenith II by Innokin as the best indirect inhalation clearomizer.

What power should I use with my indirect inhalation clearomizer?

Please read the markings on the coil designed for your clearomizer to find out the correct power to use. These coils usually work at powers between 5 and 12 watts.

The letters MTL appear after the name of my clearomizer. What do they mean?

The letters MTL stand for mouth to lung, i.e. from the mouth to the lungs. The letters MTL mean the same as indirect inhalation.

Can I use any e-liquid with my indirect inhalation clearomizer?

Yes, you can use most e-liquids with an indirect inhalation clearomizer. Just ask the salesperson if your model will work with the thickest liquids, which have a vegetable glycerine (VG) content of over 70%. Some indirect inhalation clearomizers do struggle with this kind of product.

Does buying an indirect inhalation clearomizer mean I have to change the battery?

No, all indirect inhalation clearomizers have a standard connector called a 510. They’ll work perfectly with your current box.

What tank size should I choose for my indirect inhalation clearomizer?

A 2 to 5 ml tank will be fine for an indirect inhalation clearomizer. Although 2 ml might be enough for a vaper who only wants to vape occasionally during their working day, for example, someone who wants to vape more often will need a bigger tank.

Can I make my own coils for my indirect inhalation clearomizer?

No, if you use a clearomizer you need to buy coils made by the manufacturer of the model you own. You cannot make them yourself.

Can you taste the e-liquid better with an indirect inhalation clearomizer?

Some vapers think so, others don’t. While some e-cigarette users can detect e-liquid flavours better with an indirect inhalation clearomizer, others need the large vapour volume from a direct inhalation clearomizer to get the same feeling.

When should I change the coil in my indirect inhalation clearomizer?

If your e-cigarette starts making less vapour, or if the flavour of your e-liquid starts to change, it’s time to replace your coil.