The Zelos 3 kit by Chinese manufacturer Aspire consists of a box with a built-in 3200 mAh battery and the Nautilus 3, a clearomizer designed for indirect and direct inhalation. Made with high-quality materials, its versatility and ease of use will surely make it one of this year’s best.

The perfect kit

It has an original design, good battery life, excellent vaping quality with MTL (indirect inhalation) and light DL (inhalation directly into the lungs)… what more could you ask for? The Zelos 3 kit is the best surprise out there at the moment.

Technical specs


Mod dimensions 81 x 38 x 28 mm
Mod weight 147 g
Battery size Built-in, 3200 mAh
Charging USB-C
Maximum power 80
Max. atomizer size 28
Available modes Watts, volts, temperature control, bypass
Clearomizer dimensions 24 x 48.5 mm
Clearomizer weight 74 g
Clearomizer volume 4 ml
Range of use 10 to 25 W
Filling From the top

What’s in the box?

  • Mod
  • Clearomizer
  • Spare tank
  • Spare parts
  • USB cable
  • Coils
  • Drip tip
  • User manual

Simple and effective

The design of the Zelos 3 box is original – part tube, part rectangle. Most of the box is covered with a solid-colour metallic coating. The Zelos 3 comes in 6 different colours. It feels great in your hand, whether you are right- or left-handed and whether you press the fire button with your thumb or index finger.

The top of the box has a spring-mounted 510 connector. Its size means you can use atomizers or clearomizers up to 28 mm in diameter. This is great for any vapers looking to upgrade their kit.

The underside of the box has a very practical on/off switch. It’s goodbye to the 5 clicks to turn your box on or off, hello to sliding the button. The box has a 3200 mAh battery capacity, which is fine for the overall size of the kit. Depending on the coil you use with the clearomizer, the battery charge will last a whole day without recharging.

Use the USB-C port under the screen to charge it and get any updates. We have to point out that during charging, the box may feel warm in your hand. You can actually vape while it’s charging. But it’s nothing to worry about – it’s just that they’ve used materials like zinc and aluminium alloy that conduct the heat. During our tests, we took several puffs while we were charging the box. There was no danger or discomfort, the box just felt warm to the touch. Above the USB-C connector there are two control buttons to program the settings. They feel nice to press, are quite quiet and they fit snugly in their housings.

The screen of the Zelos 3 is bright enough to read, even when you use it outdoors. You can even change the display colour if you want to. The battery level is indicated by a coloured bar and a percentage. It’s a detail, but the number displayed is a bit small.

The box has watt, voltage and bypass modes, as well as temperature control. First-time users might feel there are too many menus, but they’re there to help you develop your smoking style. The box goes up to 80 W, which is good if you want to use the Zelos 3 with a more power-hungry atomizer.

A great clearomizer for beginners

The Nautilus 3 is a 24 mm clearomizer and is very easy to learn to use. It comes with two 510 drip tips, including one for indirect inhalation (inhalation into your mouth then your lungs, like a tobacco cigarette). As well as its overall appearance, it’s extremely easy to understand and it’s unsurpassed for day-to-day use.

To fill it with e-liquid, you slide the top cap (upper part) marked with a small red arrow. It holds well, but we would have preferred a lockable version. This type of system tends to get looser with use. As it is, and during our tests, we didn’t notice it opening unexpectedly. The hole for the e-liquid bottle tip is a good size. Most liquid bottles will work fine, but you’d be better to avoid ones with much bigger tips.

The Nautilus 3 is very easy to use. There’s a base where you put the coil, and an upper part to hold the tank and the atomization chamber. A second tank, identical to the original one, is included in the kit in case of breakage. With a capacity of 4 ml, the Nautilus 3 comes in the upper middle range of clearomizers in terms of volume. The base and the rest of the clearomizer are easily screwed together, with no friction or rubbing.

Fitting the coil doesn’t need any special skills. You just unscrew the base of the Nautilus 3 from the tank to access the dedicated slot. It’s easy, and any vaper could do it.

In the atomization chamber, the openings for the liquid to pass through and feed the coil wick are wide enough that you could use a high VG content liquid. In our tests, a 70% VG e-liquid worked just fine.

One of the strong points of the Nautilus 3 is its automatic liquid intake locking system. When you take out the coil, the liquid intakes close automatically so there’s no way the liquid can flow. This is great because it means you can change the coil without any risk of the liquid leaking out everywhere, even with a full tank.

The coil is cooled via a slot on a finely knurled ring. There are 7 holes of varying diameters in all, so you can switch from a restricted direct vape to a very tight indirect vape. The three biggest holes are suitable for DL and the others are better for a less airy vape. The adjustment ring is smooth to turn – it’s not too loose and not too tight.

There are two coils in the kit. There’s a mesh 0.7 ohm coil for a range of use between 20 and 25 W – that’s for direct inhalation. With this model, you just adjust the air flow ring to switch to indirect vaping (it’s a bit dynamic). The second BVC coil is 1.8 ohm and is suitable from 10 to 14 W. That means you can use this model for indirect inhalation. In other words, this model isn’t greedy when it comes to battery power or e-liquid.

When it comes to vaping, the result is excellent. The flavours are true and there’s no deterioration of the flavours at all. The amount of vapour is in keeping with the power ranges, although the 0.7 ohm coil is capable of making pretty big clouds above 20 W. Another plus point is that the Nautilus 3 is compatible with Clapton Triton mini, NI 200, BVC and Nautilus coils from the same manufacturer. The choice here is huge, and suitable for all vaping styles in this product range.


What we like

  • Versatility of the box
  • Feels great to hold
  • Design of the kit
  • Versatile clearomizer
  • Real MTL and DL
  • Choice of coils

What we don’t like

  • It gets a bit hot when charging
Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
E-liquid consumption
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