Best vape dual battery box mod

The Thelema DNA250C is all about pleasure – the pleasure of using one of the best chipsets on the market.

The finish is flawless and it looks sleek. This makes the Thelema DNA250C a box we have to recommend. The DNA250C chipset in the Thelema is the best on the market.

Its reliability is well-established and has been for some time. Replay mode makes it easy to vape with Temperature Control. Plus its EScribe software lets you personalize it completely (the display, colours, menus, etc.), which makes the experience even more exciting.

Double the power, double the time

The number of batteries in a box is a compromise between size and battery life. The more batteries there are, the longer it’ll last but the bigger the box will be. Dual battery mods are perfect for vapers who want to get through the day without recharging, but still vape at more than 25 W. It will also satisfy vapers who like powers over 80 W, that a single battery just can’t do.

The trend for big clouds

Dual battery boxes have been gaining in popularity since the appearance of high-powered clearomizers. They’re bigger, which also appeals to vapers who like the comfortable hold of a bigger mod. Fans of these mods probably expect more power, but it’s definitely not the only benefit. Their handling and their battery life are also attractive.

  1. Why two batteries?
  2. Do the batteries have to match?
  3. Do you need specific batteries?
  4. How do you recharge two batteries?
  5. What do you do if the batteries heat up?

Why two batteries?

Using two batteries instead of one has a downside. It increases the size and weight of the mod. But it also doubles the battery life and the power available from the mod.

Two batteries mean twice the energy available, i.e. double the battery life, regardless of the type of battery you use. Using two 21700 batteries with 4000 mAh gives the box a capacity of 8000 mAh. That’s enough to last all day, even with high-powered vaping.

Using two batteries also allows mods to deliver much higher power, up to 220 W. These models also open the door to the world of big vapour clouds.

Do the batteries have to match?

It is better to match your batteries, i.e. to use two batteries of the same type, to put them both in from new, and to use them together from then on. That way, the batteries age in the same way and will deliver equal power in the box.

It’s not a good idea to use different batteries, e.g. an old one and a new one, or batteries with different power ratings. It’s the weaker one that – paradoxically – the electronics will draw more power from, so it might exceed its normal operating limits.

Do you need specific batteries?

No, there are no specific batteries for dual battery mods. Just be sure to only use batteries in perfect condition, and choose ones made by manufacturers like Sony, LG, Samsung and Panasonic over any from retail brands like Efest, Enercig or Trustfire.

How do you recharge two batteries?

Charging two batteries is a bit trickier than just one, because both need to be charged identically. This is what happens when you use an external charger, which is the best possible solution.

Most dual battery mods can charge the battery inside the mod using a USB cord. Some do this very well, and distribute the charge between the batteries individually, but others charge the set together. The first way is definitely better, which is why we include it in our testing.

What do you do if the batteries heat up?

Most 18650 batteries on the market can deliver a continuous current of 20 A. This is the equivalent of 75 W, whatever the value of the coil used in an electronic box.

With two batteries, this limit rises to 150 W. Beyond that, the batteries are forced to operate above their limit and may heat up. If this happens, reduce the power or use batteries designed for higher powers.

Dual battery box mod FAQ

How much is a dual battery box?

The average price of a dual battery box mod is generally between 35 and 70 Euro.

What is the best dual battery box?

The Vaping Post experts have awarded the prize for the best dual battery box to the Centaurus Box by Lost Vape.

Why buy a dual battery box?

Boxes with two batteries last much longer than those with just one battery because you double the available power. If you want to be able to vape at high power, or frequently for a whole day without recharging your battery, a dual battery box might be your best bet.

Do the two batteries have to be the same?

Yes, it’s better to use two batteries of the same type in your box. That means the batteries will operate in the same way throughout their life and will work equally in the box.

Can I recharge my dual battery box using a micro USB cable?

Yes. You can recharge your dual battery box using the micro USB cable it comes with. However, it’s always better if you can use an external battery charger. That way both batteries charge equally, better and faster.

What power should I use with my dual battery box?

You must only ever use your dual battery box within the power range marked on your coil. If you’re using an atomizer, find the power level that suits your vaping style and the type of coil you’ve made.

Will my atomizer fit on my new dual battery box?

Yes, your old kit will work with a dual battery box without any problem.

What information is displayed on the screen of my dual battery box?

The screen of your dual battery box should show the voltage (in Volts), the power (in Watts), the temperature (in degrees Celsius), the remaining battery charge and the value of the coil you’re using (in Ohm). Please check the user manual for your product to find out more.

Are all dual battery boxes the same?

No. There can be big differences between dual battery boxes. Some work with a touch screen, for example, while others are designed to be much lighter than average. The outer finish can also vary from one model to another, which changes how it feels in your hand. Finally, depending on the quality of the chipset, its battery life may also vary.