The Thelema DNA250C is the latest high-end box mod from Lost Vape. It is remarkably constructed and driven by two 18650 batteries and a powerful chipset. The finishes are flawless for this mod, which can be fitted with most atomizers.

From pod mod to box

Thelema is the name of a previous model by Lost Vape. It was a fairly classic pod mod in its operation with a nice design. Here, we have a radical change. Goodbye pod mod, hello to the dual 18650 battery box with a colour DNA chipset. All users are catered for, and the least we can say is that this Thelema DNA250C is a huge success.

Technical specs

Dimensions 92.6×56.1x27mm
Weight 199g
Battery size 2×18650
Charging Micro-USB, external charging
Maximum power 200
Max. atomizer diameter 27
Modes available Watts, Temperature control, Replay

What’s in the box?

  • Mod
  • USB cable
  • User guide

Developing nicely

The top of the Thelema DNA250C features the logo of the model, its name and the chipset. The 510 connector is spring-loaded. It is surrounded by a plate which slightly raises the atomizer mounted on top by 0.4mm. This stops the top part of the box from getting scratched when the atomizer is changed. Nevertheless, unless you inspect the box with a magnifying glass, you can’t see any gap between the mod and the atomizer. The Thelema DNA250 is slightly reminiscent of the Centaurus DNA250C from the same manufacturer that we tested a few months ago. It is visually very similar, but little details have been added to make this mod even more desirable.

The bottom of the box is marked with some information. There are two screws to attach the battery compartment. Different finishes are available. Our test model has a carbon-fibre type finish. It’s thick, soft and pleasant to hold. However, there are also numerous smooth or textured leather finishes and the colours are varied. There’s something to suit everyone. The covering material is perfectly fitted into all the corners without any pleats or traces of glue.

On the side of the Thelema DNA250C is the fire button (square with rounded corners), a colour LED screen, the settings and validation buttons and a micro-USB port. The buttons are soft to the touch. They don’t need to be pressed very hard and make a very slight click when they are pressed. There’s nothing to criticise. Like the whole box, they are impeccable and blend in perfectly.

Angular shapes contribute to the stylish look of the box and break up the lines a little, making the design of the Thelema DNA250C more dynamic. The name of the brand is also marked on each side of the screen.

The battery compartment takes two 18650 batteries. The polarity is clearly marked, and in case of error, the box is protected against pole reversal. A ribbon with the Lost Vape name facilitates removal of the batteries. The contacts are spring-mounted and it’s really easy to fit the batteries. This is the improvement the Thelema DNA250C has in comparison to the Centaurus. The hinged flap is gone and instead we have a wide opening that makes it easy to insert the batteries. The decorated door removes completely.

The cover is held on by two (over)powerful magnets which hold it firmly in place. It is unlikely that the box would come open on its own, unless it had a bad fall. Two long lugs on the door fit into the body of the Thelema DNA250C at the base of the markings on each side of the screen to avoid any play. The box has been particularly well designed and production is perfectly mastered.

Excellent performance, as always

The mod’s screen is classic, at least for a DNA250C chipset. The display is very simplistic and not really worthy of this brand. This is not really a problem for two reasons. The chipset screen is easy to read and is bursting with relevant information for even the most demanding users. The second reason is the ease with which you can personalise the display thanks to the EScribe software (which is free) where all the modifications can be made.

The box has plenty of menus and options. Replay mode is ideal in temperature control and generates the same signal as that selected and validated each time the fire button is pressed. Of course, all the information you want, such as the chipset temperature, the number of puffs, how long they last, etc. can be obtained. There are many complex choices to be made, but once you have got to grips with them, navigation is easy. We have written an article on the different types of DNA which covers everything you need to know about one of the best chipsets currently available.

The various presentation screens and information displayed can be personalised at will, like we have done above. In terms of the vaping experience, it is very difficult to find anything bad to say about the Thelema DNA250C. The chipset is great, always reliable and the signal is particularly stable. It allows for vaping up to 200W with the two 18650 batteries. The box is exemplary in its finish, and the magnetic system used for the battery cover is nice to use on a daily basis. It is around twenty grams heavier than the Centaurus and feels good in your hand. It’s a high-end box that doesn’t disappoint, and is certainly one of the best models of the start of the year.

In summary

 What we like

  • Great design
  • Level of finish
  • Powerful chipset
  • Access to the battery compartment
  • Personalisable

 What we don’t like

  • Nothing
Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
E-liquid consumption
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