E-cigarettes are shaking up public health regulations. The political systems setting out the regulatory frameworks associated with consumer products have had to adapt quickly with the emergence of vaping.

In Europe, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) now frames the sale of e-cigarettes as a “tobacco-related” product. In the United States, the FDA has lumped vaping products together with tobacco products, and e-cigarettes are subject to the same marketing requirements as tobacco cigarettes.

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E-cigarettes challenge some deep-rooted principles of our society. Public health, champions of abstinence, pragmatics of risk reduction, powerful industrial firms, economic challenges, public money, so many interests colliding with the hopes of millions of users.

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The FDA Sends New Warnings to Retailers of Synthetic Nicotine Vapes

The FDA has rejected 800,000 NTN product applications and accepted over 350.Synthetic nicotine vaping products, had until recently been exempt from FDA regulations because...

Macau Government Passes Vape Restrictions

The measure sets in place penalties of MOP4,000 (US$500) for individuals, and fines of between MOP20,000 and MOP200,000 for businesses.The proposal was unanimously approved...

Thailand’s DES Ministry in Favour of Legalizing Vapes to Reduce Smoking Rates 

Despite strong opposition from local health activists and anti-smoking campaigners, last December MP Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn said he is exploring ways to legalize the sales...

Spanish NGO Urges EU Commission to Restrict Vape Sales

The initiative organisers have six months to collect one million signatures from at least seven different Member States, forcing the EC to react to...

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