E-cigarettes arrived as a disruptive force in society in 2009. Since then, they have been adopted extensively, despite being impeded by multiple ideological and regulatory barriers. How has vaping been integrated into society and how is it now perceived by our fellow citizens? Through its articles, the Vaping Post has looked back at the sometimes difficult journey of this risk reduction method, which is now one of the most popular methods for quitting smoking.

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The origins of e-cigarettes are social above all else. The first curious smokers sought each other out on forums to discuss and share their knowledge on these forums. Since then, vaping has become an integral part of many sectors of our society, starting with social media. E-cigarettes, the revolutionary substitute that arrived from China in the early 2000s, are now everywhere, and there are millions of vapers worldwide. However, the perception of this product is not that clear-cut for new converts and the mainstream media. In this section looking at society-related topics, you will find hundreds of articles dealing with the social and cultural aspects of e-cigarettes.

The latest on e-cigarettes in society

US Juul Ban Would Only Boost Other Vape Brands

Vape sales will not be affected, as in the absence of Juul consumers would just migrate to other brands.Many health and anti-vape groups had...

Parents Urged to Watch Out For Fake TikTok Vape Accounts

A recent review of 29 peer reviewed studies, non surprisingly found that exposure to tobacco and vaping products on social media leads to increased...

New WHO Campaign to Raise Awareness About Microplastics in Cigarettes

Microplastics enter the food chain and are associated with serious human health impacts, leading to changes to genetics, brain development, respiration rates and more.The...

UK Program Will Offer Pregnant Smokers up to £400 to Quit Smoking

The recommendation to offer financial incentives was first put forward by the Royal College of Physicians.Research conducted last year had suggested that financial incentives...

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