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The American Cancer Society Sends a Cease-And-Desist Letter to Elfbar

A program by ElfBar includes a section where one could make a 10-cent donation to the ACS, but the latter highlighted it wants no...

California Cities Consider Fining Teens Caught Vaping

Following the infamous cases of vaping-related illnesses which have popped up across the US, last September the State of California announced a $20m campaign...

Cancer Group Demonizes the Products Which Could Help Prevent Cancer

A 2017 study titled, "Comparing the cancer potencies of emissions from vapourised nicotine products including e-cigarettes with those of tobacco smoke", carried out by...

American Cancer Society changes its position on e-cigarettes

In a position statement released on it’s website, the ACS rightly pointed out that while smoking is responsible for the deaths of millions, current...

US VP-elect does not believe that smoking kills

According to the American Cancer Society, cigarettes account for 30 percent of all cancer deaths and kill more Americans than alcohol, car accidents, HIV,...

US study: Smoking is more affordable than vaping

The first study to investigate the costs of tobacco and electronic cigarettes reveals that over the 45 countries where the prices were compared, 44...