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Australia: Victoria Health Authorities Push For Tighter Vape Laws

Victoria's health promotion foundation is urging the federal government to take action and set further vape restrictions in order to prevent teen vaping rates...

Australia’s ACT Govt. Passes Further Restrictions on Vaping Products

Amongst other things the new bill bans the sale of e-cigarettes from vending machines.Amongst other things the new bill “stops the sale of e-cigarettes...

Australian Vape Report Fails to Consider Crucial Factors

Using a smartphone app in combination with vaping, increased the odds of quitting by 74% compared to not using an app.Commissioned by outgoing Minister...

Australia: NSW Launches $300,000 Anti-Vape Campaign 

The "Get the Facts – Vaping Toolkit," is pitched at teachers, parents and students aged 14 to 17 and contains evidence-based resources and educational...

Western Australia Authorities Seize Over $500k Worth of Vapes 

As of October 2021, vapers in Australia are only able to purchase vaping products from pharmacies via prescription, and anyone caught violating these harsh...

Western Australia Health Seizes Hundreds of Vapes in Crackdown

WA Health spokesman said that the department has seized over 16,000 illegal nicotine vapes in over three years,Since October, it has been illegal for...

Australia Urged to Pass Similar Vape Laws as New Zealand

While not perfect, New Zealand’s regulations are a good start and Australia should really follow suit.In 2020, Australia’s Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt had...

Australia: Sales of Nicotine-Containing Vapes Available Only Via Prescription

After a number of appeals by public health experts, last month it was announced that Australian authorities had agreed to establish a Select Committee...