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More US Research Indicates That E-Cigs Reduce Carcinogen Exposure

In line with countless other studies, this research found that indeed when used instead of regular cigarettes, vapes reduced exposure to a major carcinogen...

Looking Into The Effects of Vaping on Reproductive Health

Reproductive biologist Dr. Ali Honaramooz and his research team, are designing an experiment allowing researchers to identify and study the effects of e-cigarette use...

Study Comparing The Effect of Smoking Vs Vaping Via Urine Sampling

The study titled, “Urinary biomonitoring of subjects with different smoking habits. Part I: Profiling mercapturic acids.”, analysed urine samples of sixty-seven healthy adults with...

California researchers repeat dry puff, aldehyde errors

A new study on the alleged dangers of electronic cigarettes was released on Thursday, and immediately attracted a storm of criticism from scientists and...