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Vaping is Tobacco Control

Vape products are indeed harm reduction tools used to defend against combustible tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, since this is the case, the argument can be...

“eCig Explosion” Lawsuits Could be Quick Cash Schemes

The American Dream - Reestablished by Vapor Just around this time of year, only a couple years back, it could be said that the American...

Interesting times, as vaping opponents face fire from every direction

Fear of putting on weight deters many smokers from quitting, but a new paper from New Zealand suggests that electronic cigarettes could be the...

Is your iPhone a tobacco product?

The above is an interesting and most definitely a comical perspective that blogger John Gault brought to light in order to make a good...

Is vaping replacing one addiction for another?

This argument sounds persuasive to many people. After all, vapers don’t really look as if they have given up, do they? They’re still taking...
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