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Australian Therapeutic Goods Regulator Warns of Circulating Counterfeit Vapes 

As of October 1st, vapers in Australia are only able to purchase vaping products from pharmacies via prescription.Last year, Australia’s Federal Health Minister Greg...

Australia’s Nicotine E-Cig Import Regulation is Finalized

"The decision was made by a senior medical officer at the TGA as a Delegate of the Secretary of the Department of Health. It...

Australia’s Vape Ban Delayed Following Protests

Last week, the Federal Health Minister of Australia Greg Hunt said that the Department of Health was working with the country’s Border Force towards...

Australia Bans the Importation of Nicotine E-Liquid 

The Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt is pushing the Department of Health to work with Australia’s Border Force on a new approach towards e-cigarettes....

Australia Finally Agrees to Studying Health Impact of E-Cigs

Liberal party MPs have been efforting to overturn the current e-cigarette ban. In Australia the devices are legal, but the use of nicotine-containing refills...

Australian Health Minister ignores studies indicating the potential of e-cigs

"It's not going to be happening on my watch as far as I'm concerned," said Minister Hunt in a communication with ABC’s Hack. He...