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Free Webinar Today: “COVID-19 and the science of nicotine”

Konstantinos E. Farsalinos, M.D., needs no introduction amongst tobacco harm reduction advocates. An ex-smoker, cardiologist and research fellow at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center...

Hong Kong to Enforce a Total Ban on E-Cigarettes

The ban was announced last Wednesday by Chief Executive Carrie Lam during a policy address. Earlier this month, four medical groups in Hong Kong...

Farsalinos About the Claimed Epidemic of Youth E-Cig Use

Last September the FDA  launched "The Real Cost" Youth E-Cigarette Prevention Campaign, a new effort aimed at deterring adolescents from taking up vaping. “We are...

10 scientific facts about vaping a vaper should know

"E-cigarettes 95% safer than cigarettes": The Public Health England's report In August 2015, the PHE's report elicits the e-cigarette as a safer alternative to smoking...

Marketing controversy strikes industry as lawmakers seek tougher restrictions

Pro-vaping researcher attacks “irresponsible” e-liquid marketing Prominent vaping advocate and cardiologist Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos has launched an attack on segments of the liquid industry, strongly...

PMI distributes research grants to verify their science on smoking alternatives

Debate the sources of funding Research is time consuming and is also very expensive and the source of fundings has always been a detrimental parameter...

LIAF’s Scientific Committee at work on heat not burn (HNB) cigarettes

A lack of independent expertise on HNB cigarettes action in harm reduction The experts consider the two products "objectively" different. There are compelling scientific evidences that...

Quest for a safer vaping style

Some studies show that vaping is not absolutely safe and the risks are linked to the toxicity of emissions. Among toxic products are aldehydes, like acrolein, formaldehyde, benzaldehyde, propionaldehyde...