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Irish Minors Are Vaping More And Smoking Less

5.3% of Irish children aged 10 to 17 said they were smokers in 2018, as opposed to 22.6% in 1998.The report looked at school-aged...

Study: Menthol Cigarette Smokers Have A Harder Time Quitting

A new study reaffirms the finding that smokers of menthol cigarettes have harder times quitting smoking. SAN DIEGO — After the Food and Drug Administration...

Despite EU Menthol Ban, New Cigarettes Containing Menthol Found For Sale

The new Fresh manufacturered by JTI, are said to contain only 12.5% ​​of the menthol found in the previous ranges. The European Union Revised...

UK: Big Tobacco Use Menthol Ban to Promote IQOS

As of last May, menthol cigarettes have been banned across the EU as per the European Union Revised Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Despite Brexit,...

UK: Menthol Cigarettes Have Been Banned as of May 20th

The new smoking laws are part of a four-year phasing-out period that stems from the new EU Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) regulations which came...