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New Study: Cigarette Tax Hikes Help Boost Bigger Brands

Titled, “Investigating the Effects of Excise Taxes, Public Usage Restrictions, and Anti-smoking Ads Across Cigarette Brands,” the study found that tax hikes can disproportionately...

Another Study Suggests That E-Cig Taxes Just Encourage Regular Smoking

Every 10% increase in e-cigarette prices, dropped e-cig sales by 26%, and increased traditional cigarette sales by 10%.Titled, “The Effects of E-Cigarette Taxes on...

Health Insurance Companies Charge Vapers Up to 50% More

Normally, non-smokers including vapers, are charged up to 50% less a year on their life insurance. This could equate to paying between $350 to...

US study: Indoor vaping bans lead to more prenatal smoking

"Pregnant women are highly motivated to quit smoking cigarettes and may believe e-cigarettes are a safe way to do so," said Pesko, who is...