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FDA Asks Four Vape Companies For Social Media Marketing Information

The FDA hopes that the data gathered from these brands will assist the agency device an effective strategy to evaluate marketing plans when reviewing...

FDA Issues Warnings to Vape Brands Lacking PMTA

As per the Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act, back in 2016 the FDA had announced that all tobacco products would need to...

FDA Issues Warnings To E-Cig Retailers Selling Unauthorized Products

In the first week of January, the FDA released the much anticipated guidance pertaining to flavoured vaping products. “Companies that do not cease manufacture,...

US Cigarette Graphic Warnings To Go Into Effect in 2021

The United States has been lagging behind other countries with regards to cigarette warnings. In fact, the FDA has not updated cigarette pack warnings...

FDA Announces Steps Aimed at Facilitating E-Cig Innovation

The piece called Advancing Tobacco Regulation to Protect Children and Families: Updates and New Initiatives from the FDA on the Anniversary of the Tobacco...

VTA director testifies in favour of vaping in Indiana

Abboud addressed the Committee (PDF) on behalf of the numerous struggling vaping businesses, and took the opportunity to explain the current state of affairs and...

SFATA hosting annual conference and B2B expo

Trying to survive in this post deeming rule environment, most business owners will most certainly be looking forward to a Q&A session with Mitch...

US FDA: A “win” for Big Tobacco, not for public health

Less vapers, more smokers "We expect to see a continued shift in consumption of e-cigs/vapor back to combustible cigs as e-cig choices become more limited...