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US Congressman Demands Documentation From Two Major Vape Brands

Krishnamoorthi is the chair of the Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy and well known for being against vaping products and other tobacco harm...

Welsh hostility to vaping continues, but FDA backs off another step

Wales pushes for flavour ban Public Health Wales released an updated position statement on Thursday, outlining its latest policies on vapour products. In a confused...

Next Generation Labs certify authenticity of synthetic nicotine in ejuices

A chemical assay to differentiate synthetic from natural nicotine extracts In a press release on December 20, 2016, Next Generation Labs, the manufacturer of synthetic...

Update: Nicopure v. FDA Lawsuit

The Week the Vaping Space Stood Still From the announcement of the FDA Deeming Regulations on May 5th 2016 the U.S. vaping community was stunned...

FDA finally clarifies about NFLs and Synthetic Nicotine?

According to an article published yesterday on Convenience Store Decisions news site, during the NICOPURE vs. FDA lawsuit, Next Generation Labs, the manufacturers of...

A cloud-connected smart vaporizer for tobacco free nicotine juice

A Connected Vape System A press release, today, is announcing a new partnership to create an unsurpassed vapor technology alliance. Next Generation Labs is a Californian company...