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Heated Tobacco Product “MOK” is Now Available in The Philippines 

"Just like iQOS, MOK works by the insertion and heating ot tobacco sticks, which in this case are called “COO” instead of “HEETS.” “The...

WHO Official Downplays Effectivity of E-Cigs for Smoking Cessation

The World Health Organization is renowned for being anti-vaping. Last October, public health experts at the organization’s biennial conference FCTC COP8, were left disappointed...

Philippines Anti-Tobacco Groups Spreads Untrue Facts About E-Cigs

House Resolution No. 1885 was filed by Reps. Anthony Bravo (Coop-Nattco) and Jose Tejada (PDP-Laban, North Cotabato) and urges the Department of Health (DOH)...

Philippines: Health Authorities urged to endorse vaping

In December 2016, the DOH had declared that it agreed with the WHO’s position on avoiding potential risks for vapers, even though no such...