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World Vapers’ Alliance: EU Committee Report Ignores Scientific Data

"SCHEER ignores a large amount of scientific evidence on vaping, all of which was provided by experts and consumers to SCHEER during their consultation...

Experts’ Critique of The EU Scientific Committee Preliminary Opinion on E-Cigarettes

“The Opinion omitted reporting on the individual and population health benefits of the substitution of ENDS for cigarette smoking. Alternative hypotheses to the gateway...

EU E-Cig Study Criticized For Being Selective in Its Reported Findings

Despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary, the SCHEER said that e-cigarettes act as a Gateway to smoking.The EC commissioned SCHEER review concluded...

An EU Study Analyzes E-Cig Harm Perceptions Pre and Post TPD

The study titled, “European adult smokes’ perceptions of the harmfulness of e-cigarettes relative to combustible cigarettes: cohort findings from the 2016 and 2018 EUREST-PLUS...