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FDA Launches New Anti-Vaping Youth Campaign

In August 2017, FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, had stated that the agency’s new tobacco plan would support product innovation so that smokers would...

FDA Issues Warning Letters to U.S. E-Cig Companies

After being grilled by the Lawmakers on a House Appropriations subcommittee about excessive e-cig use amongst adolescents, last April, the FDA said that it...

FDA Announces Steps Aimed at Facilitating E-Cig Innovation

The piece called Advancing Tobacco Regulation to Protect Children and Families: Updates and New Initiatives from the FDA on the Anniversary of the Tobacco...

FDA to Release Plan for the Development of Smoking Cessation Drugs

So far there are 11 biosimilars, or versions of complex and highly-priced biologic smoking cessation drugs approved in the US, including two that won...

The FDA Wrongly Blames E-Cig Companies for Teen Vaping

Earlier this month, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb blamed e-cigarette companies for teen vaping when addressing the American Society of Clinical Oncology. “They better step...

FDA Demands Additional Documentation in Order to Understand E-Cigs’ Youth Appeal

Following the numerous alarming media headlines about how teen vaping is apparently out of control, released in the recent weeks, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb...

The FDA Considers Regulating Over-The-Counter E-Cig Sales

As the FDA is modernizes its approach to the development and regulation of NRTs, it seems to be finally recognizing e-cigs for their potential...

FDA extends its youth anti-smoking campaign to include e-cigs

Last August FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, said that the agency’s new tobacco plan supports product innovation so that smokers can obtain the nicotine...